The Bluebeards Revenge

A few months ago I won May's give-away for some lovely Bluebeards Revenge products. The Bluebeards Revenge Shave Cream, described as ‘The Ultimate Shaving Experience for Real Men’ is perfect for us girls too. I've been using the shave cream, brush and the post shave balm since they arrived through my door and I love them.
The packaging for everything is amazing! I love anything piratey and they've definitely thought about every little detail going into their products.
I have sensitive skin, including my legs and my eczema can flare up for no reason so I've had problems with irritation from shaving and not liking the shaving gels/foams I've used. Since using this shave cream I haven't had a single bit of irritation at all and this is really down to the skin-friendly and paraben-free formula they use.
To apply the shave cream I either use the brush or my hands to lather it up and apply, it just depends on how lazy I'm feeling. Both get the job done well. I haven't used a brush to shave my legs before, to be honest I'd never even thought about using one. I have the cute little pink badger brush which lifts each hair and coats it with the shave cream.
The shave cream contains an active ingredient which in time reduces hair re-growth. I can't say I've noticed a huge difference but then again I don't have naturally very hairy legs in the first place. I'll update this bit if I notice any differences in the up coming months.

I think the post shave balm is my favourite out of the three. Sometimes when I apply moisturiser after shaving my legs can become irritated too but with this balm I haven't noticed this at all. In fact it makes my legs feel amazingly soft and lasts for a long time after it's been applied. I've also found that if I nick myself whilst shaving this balm stops the bleeding.
The shave cream is £14.99, the brush is £24.99 and the shave balm is £9.99. They’re not cheap but the brush will last for a long time and as you only need a little bit of the other two they’ll last a good length of time too. You can buy Bluebeard products from The Shaving-shack. They're also on twitter too.
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Have you ever used a shaving brush on your legs before?


  1. Aww I'm also struggling with eczema, this shave cream looks awesome! Thanks x

  2. @Gaby, my eczema has pretty much calmed down now, hope yours has too :) xxx

  3. This sounds amazing. And the packaging is great!

  4. @Meowcake, love the skull and cross bone :) xxx


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