31 March 2011

Lush Retro Ice Hotel Bubble Bar

I was surprised when I smelt this as I thought it was going to smell of mint and be really fresh which is the scent I imagine when I think of an ice hotel. The strongest scent is the lavender and I can’t smell any mint at all. Not disappointing, just surprised.

Lush describes this as “Refreshing and relaxing, our Ice Hotel Bubble Bar was inspired by the real Ice Hotel in Sweden. Each year you can stay in a hotel that is made of huge blocks of ice (until it melts away in the spring). Helen Ambrosen scented this bar with a mixture of enlivening mint and calming lavender, perfect for a renewing bath in the morning (after one too many iced vodka shots), or a mind-clearing bath in the evening.”

This is a retro bubble bar which means they’re products that were discontinued in shops and can only be bought online. Because of this sometimes the bubble bars can be solid and hard to break into pieces. Luckily all mine were fairly fresh so I didn’t have a problem with this.

I crumbled 1/4 into running water which created lots of lovely soft bubbles, one of the better ones that I’ve tried. You can just slightly see in the photo, on top there is purple iridescent glitter but this doesn’t cover you in. It’s just for decorative purposes.

At only £3.10 I’ll definitely be buying this again.

Have you  tried any of Lush’s retro products?


30 March 2011

Living Nature Lipstick In Dawn

The packaging has the same matte feel as Nars products and I love it, it makes it feel a bit more expensive than traditional plastic. I haven't found it getting particularly dirty looking yet which is a good sign.

There are 10 shades to choose from and all look to be different which is great. You can read May's and Kim's review of Laughter.The lipsticks themselves looking nothing like the images here to try googleing to find a better photo.

I chose Dawn because it seemed like the lightest colour and looked like it might be a nude shade.

In the bullet Dawn looks like a frosty baby pink. It hasn't got any shimmer to it  which is great for me but it has more of a sheen to it which is lovely. It makes the colour a little less flat.

It can be applied quite sheer which leaves the frosty baby pink colour or it can be built up so it becomes a brighter pink. With my skin tone and on my lips it actually comes across as quite a lilac lipstick which I love. Think a more wearable version of Barry M's palest lavender lip paint. It'll probably look different on different skin tones.

The formula is amazing, definitely the creamiest lipstick I own which makes it a dream to apply. I haven't tried any of Mac's cremesheen lipsticks so can't compare. You also don't need a lip balm underneath it which is an added bonus. The only downside to this is I can see it running out quite quickly.

If all the other colours are as nice as this one I'd say £13.49 was a good price if you could see them in person or if there were better swatches on the website. It's a lot of money to take a risk on the colour though.

Have you tried any living nature lipsticks?

Disclaimer: This product was sent for free as part of mypures blogging panel.

29 March 2011

NOTD: OPI Elephantastic Pink!


28 March 2011

These Are The Cupcakes I Ordered

Not impressed!

*Update* The company are sending me a new box, hopefully if they come in good condition I can take them into work :)

26 March 2011

Week In Photos 028

001 The blossom has finally appeared and it looks gorgeous! This is my neighbours tree which we can see from our dining room. These photos where also inspiration for the Charity blog sale invite which you can see in the final photo.
002 This weeks graze box and most of it has been eaten :D
003 This weeks Week In Photos post is going up a bit early so I can let you all know on Monday (28th March) the charity blog sale for Japan will open at 8am so wake up early and get buying! It’ll be open for a week and there’s also a few items on ebay, I’ll add the link when I get it. Help to spread the word by posting the invite above on your blog, emailing to your friends and family and posting the blog link on your twitter. Lets make this sale even better than the last!

OPI Los Cabo Coral - NOTD

A Dozen Rosas | Cozu-melted in the Sun | Los Cabos Coral | Magnífico México | My Chihuahua Bites! | Pink-o de Gallo | Por Favor | Puerto Vallarta Violeta | Strawberry Margarita | Tijuana Dance? | Will You Mari-achi Me? | You Rock-apulco Red!

25 March 2011

To-Do List For The Weekend

I love making lists so here’s my one for this weekend:
  • create invite for blog sale to raise money for Japan
  • create a new header, this one is just temporary
  • Mix up my blog design/layout and write some new posts
  • take photos of the cherry blossom in the park and photos for this months scavenger hunt
  • tidy my bedroom

24 March 2011

E.L.F Studio Eyebrow Kit In ash

This is my second review from E.L.F this week and it's another eyebrow product. You can read my other review here.

The packaging is once again great and it feels and looks like it would cost more than £3.50. It's great that a little window is included and the product is written on the front so you know what you're grabbing for from your collection. It’s actually bigger than I expected too which is always a bonus. Another bonus is the little mirror inside, it is tiny but still great for when your on the go.

Once open you'll find two products and a little double ended brush which surprisingly works well for when you're on the go. The product on the left is the wax which will shape your brows as well as give them a bit of colour and will fill in any patches. Then the second product is the setting powder which will also add a bit of colour.

Despite going for the light option in the last brow product from E.L.F I went with ash as the swatches on the website looked a bit dark for my hair colour. It also looked a bit too red toned despite my hair being strawberry blonde. Not sure how accurate the swatches are though.

The thing that impressed me the most is the staying power, it wont budge if you lean or rub your eyebrows. This means it’ll be perfect for lasting all day during work or going out at night.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

What is your favourite brow product?


23 March 2011

Benefit Powderazzi Box Powders

I wasn't going to share my thoughts on this box of Benefit powders as you can't actually buy it anymore here in the UK. But then I was like, well you can buy them separately so I shall write one.

I love the packaging and I don't mind it being cardboard as I don't tend to carry it around with me, it is quite big.

In the box you get three powders and one of their little brushes. Personally I don't see the point in having a brush, if you're going to use it you can only really use it for one colour. I would have preferred there to be a second blush colour or maybe a highlight like high beam.

So you get Coralista, top left corner, which is a pinky coral with a subtle gold sheen to it.

Hoola, top right, which is a medium brown matte bronzer.With my very pale skin tone this can come out looking quite orange so I'd say this is more suited for those who have a light skin tone or darker.

A finally Dallas, bottom left, which is a mix of the other two but has less shimmer than coralista. It's a gorgeous colour and like nothing  I have in my collection.

The powders them selves are really creamy and very pigmented which I was impressed by. I hadn't tried any of benefits blusher or bronzer before this.

I think it's definitely worth the money as you're able to try out 3 different products for just a little bit more than one would cost. From googling and looking on ASOS I think this would cost you £25. If Benefit ever make more trios with different colours I'm definitely going to buy them.

You can see some great swatches here.

Rating: ♥♥♥

Have you tried any of Benefits box powders? I really want to buy dandelion.

22 March 2011

Week In Photos 027

001 Spring has finally arrived and the weather has been fabulous. I am stuck in a building all day for work but it's lovely to walk to and from the bus with the sun shining. I've definitely got my wear out of my sunglasses already. We've also got our first flowers in the garden after it looking quite dead over winter.

002 I've become a big fan of tea this week, not the normal at milk to tea though, I still hate that. This is my mug of choice for work, anyone else get one of these years ago? I ordered the little sample boxes of a few teas from Teapigs. For my first order I chose super fruit, lemon grass, green tea and peppermint. Not so keen on the lemon grass but I'm definitely going to order the full size of super fruit and peppermint.

003 Tuesday night my Auntie come up from London as her play was being shown in Fact on the Wednesday along with the director. The play was great and there was a question and answer at the end with a neuroscientist. We could have stayed all day asking questions about how our brains work.If your ever in Liverpool and are a fan of different types of teas definitely have to check out Leaf on Bold street. I chose the blood orange and it was lovely. The food is really nice too.

004 Red nose day on Friday. I don't have any red clothes as the colour doesn't suit me so made the best effort I could and wore red shoes, red scarf and red necklace. Better than nothing hey. On the front of my work building we had Liverpool's largest red nose made up of balloons which were let go at the end of the day. I've also just bought raffle tickets and will hopefully win some amazing cupcakes.

005 Tried to take some photos of the supermoon but it was way too cloudy where I live. There are some amazing ones on Flickr though.

006 Finally bought a yoga mat and some weights after wanting them for months. Will hopefully kick start the 30 day shred.

007 Sorry this is late once again, I wasn't feeling very well Sunday/Monday so didn't get round to writing up this post. Luckily it was just a 48hour thing as I'm feeling much better now.

What have you been up to this week?

21 March 2011

E.L.F Studio Eyebrow Treat And Tame In Light

I haven’t used the treat side as I don’t particularly need my eyebrows to grow faster, if I do in the future then I’ll update this review with my thoughts.

The packaging has a matte effect just like Nars products. The black part is normal shiny plastic though so it won’t get that horrible dirty look to it. 

You can use the treat side either under make-up for during the day or as a night time treatment to help eyebrow re-growth and keeping them in top condition. Then the tame side is to fill in your brows and shape them into your desired look. I think the mascara wand could do with being slightly tapered as I sometimes get the product on my skin whilst shaping the outer ends of my eyebrows. Other than that though the wand distributes the colour evenly and applies really nicely.

Onto the colour selection, all the reviews I’ve read say the shades are very light so I was really hoping to get a good match to my eyebrows. As I have strawberry blonde hair my eyebrows are extremely light  and practically invisible.  I went with the light shade which was surprisingly a great match. It makes my eyebrows darker, only slightly though so they still look natural but just makes them stand out and look more defined.

It does have a slightly reddish tone to it which makes it work great for me but if you have blonder eyebrows I’d say either try ash or medium.

You can buy this from the E.L.F website for only £3.50 which I think is a bargain and I’ll definitely be repurchasing once it runs out. I’m also thinking I might buy ash just to see what the colour is like.

Rating: ♥♥♥ (Just because I’ve only used the tame side)

What is your go-to brow product?


17 March 2011

Lush Dream Cream

Both Abby and Clare from my work recommend Lush’s dream cream for eczema, along with a lot of other people, and I’ve only just bought a tub to try it out myself. The reason I haven’t picked it up before now is the price, £10.25 isn’t cheap for a product that could actually make my eczema worse. My legs have been particularly bad recently so now is a good time to test it out.
I love the smell, it’s quite a subtle scent so won’t distract away from your perfume unlike other products from Lush.

I apply it all over before I go to bed and at any point during the day if my skin is feeling itchy. It really does help and calms my skin down so I don’t scratch it. I just wish they sold a smaller pot so I could carry it round in my bag, this can be easily solved though by putting some in a travel/sample pot. It doesn’t make my eczema go away as quick as steroid creams do but it does really help. Plus there aren’t any side affects when using it unlike steroid creams. I find it doesn’t soak in quick enough to be used as a hand cream but this is fine when used as a body lotion.
Definitely one I’ll be buying again and again as it’s such a great moisturiser let alone a good eczema cream.
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Have you tried it before?

16 March 2011

Alva Naturkosmetik Dead Sea Bath Salts

The first thing about this is the packaging, it’s horrible. Once the bag is opened there is no way of closing it, hence why I have mine in a glass jar.
Now onto the product itself, here’s a bit about them from the mypure website:
“Salt from the Dead Sea contains more calcium and magnesium salts than normal sea salt. These minerals have a calming effect on the skin and encourage cell renewal. They are effective in retaining the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Add a handful to your bath for a body boosting mineral bath.”
I use 1 1/2 scoops per bath and just drop them in while the water is running. Once the bath is full the salt is usually dissolved. These particular bath salts have no fragrance so you could add in your own essential oil.
I don’t really hear or read too much about bath salts but they really help with my sensitive skin and eczema. About a year and half ago when my eczema was really bad my doctor suggested poring cooking salt into my baths which worked really well. These are just a fancier version I guess.
This little bag that I have is £5.15 for 500g but it is available in a 1kg bag for £8.20, this size is currently sold out though.
Rating: ♥♥♥♥

15 March 2011

The Bluebeards Revenge

A few months ago I won May's give-away for some lovely Bluebeards Revenge products. The Bluebeards Revenge Shave Cream, described as ‘The Ultimate Shaving Experience for Real Men’ is perfect for us girls too. I've been using the shave cream, brush and the post shave balm since they arrived through my door and I love them.
The packaging for everything is amazing! I love anything piratey and they've definitely thought about every little detail going into their products.
I have sensitive skin, including my legs and my eczema can flare up for no reason so I've had problems with irritation from shaving and not liking the shaving gels/foams I've used. Since using this shave cream I haven't had a single bit of irritation at all and this is really down to the skin-friendly and paraben-free formula they use.
To apply the shave cream I either use the brush or my hands to lather it up and apply, it just depends on how lazy I'm feeling. Both get the job done well. I haven't used a brush to shave my legs before, to be honest I'd never even thought about using one. I have the cute little pink badger brush which lifts each hair and coats it with the shave cream.
The shave cream contains an active ingredient which in time reduces hair re-growth. I can't say I've noticed a huge difference but then again I don't have naturally very hairy legs in the first place. I'll update this bit if I notice any differences in the up coming months.

I think the post shave balm is my favourite out of the three. Sometimes when I apply moisturiser after shaving my legs can become irritated too but with this balm I haven't noticed this at all. In fact it makes my legs feel amazingly soft and lasts for a long time after it's been applied. I've also found that if I nick myself whilst shaving this balm stops the bleeding.
The shave cream is £14.99, the brush is £24.99 and the shave balm is £9.99. They’re not cheap but the brush will last for a long time and as you only need a little bit of the other two they’ll last a good length of time too. You can buy Bluebeard products from The Shaving-shack. They're also on twitter too.
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Have you ever used a shaving brush on your legs before?

14 March 2011

Models Own Shopping

After being sent a couple of the new spring/summer polishes by Models Own I knew I had to buy the others. The only one I haven’t bought is orange sherbet as I couldn’t see myself using it. I also bought a few others I’ve been lemming over for a while.

Juicy jules, slate grey, bronze rage, nyla nude, bloo boo and pink fever
Bronze rage is such a unique colour and pink fever will look amazing on the toes. I’ll be posting NOTD’s like usual but if you want any in particular just leave a comment.
What’s your favourite Models Own polish?

13 March 2011

Week In Photos 026


001 This week I’ve tried to drink more water, eat healthier and cut down on snacks after reading Victoria’s post about her weight loss. I also ran/jogged for the first time in a few years this week. It felt great and amazingly my knees didn’t hurt during or after. I have quite weak knees due to injuring them playing in the snow and during Duke Of Edinburgh so I haven’t ran since then. I need some good music to listen to while exercising, what do you listen to?

002 I think tulips are one of my favourite flowers, along with peonies. I love daffodils too, they always seem to make the room much brighter and happier. I love flowers despite having really bad hay fever, lilies drive me crazy.

003 Monday was my dads birthday so we had present opening and them my mum and him went out for a meal.

004 We had the birthday cakes on the Tuesday along with finally having pancakes after thinking it was last month. I also decided to give up chocolate for lent as I’ve had way too much of it recently. Having a cafe downstairs in my work and them selling really nice cakes isn't good. So far so good and I haven’t really wanted any chocolate.

005 You can see my Aussie balloon hanging proudly in my bedroom, don’t forget to enter a chance to join the Aussie angel activities. This is my wall for little photo frames and I really want to fill it out so it looks something like this. I have 4 or 5 photos which need frames so a trip to Ikea is needed. By taking this photo I’ve noticed that basically all of the frames are wonky, I never noticed this before and they’ve all now been straightened.

006 Thursday was my day off since I worked Sunday so I went along to a little art exhibition event thing. Last year my mum and her friend ran lots of workshops with different community groups across Liverpool. This is one of the pieces which is either going to have glass covering it or is being hung on the wall in the community centre.

007 Trying to fit as many sweets on my cupcake as possible, the way it’s meant to be done.

008 I seem to have accumulated a lot of OPI mini’s this week, this set was bought for a mere £1. Bargain!

009 This dress is what I bought with my groupon voucher. Yes I already have it in a wine colour with black detail but I just had to have it in black with gold detail. Love it :)

What have you been up to this week?


11 March 2011

Win A Chance To Take Part In Aussie Angel Activities!

Today I’m brining you a chance to win 1 of ten opportunities to join in the Aussie fun as part of all the 'Lusciously Light' activities.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is answer the following question on your own blog and tweet the link to @yummyhair

It would be great if you’d tweet me the link too @rottenotter as I’d love to read them :)

“Put a spring in your Spring! Tell us, how would you lighten up your life? #AussieLight”

Winners will be chosen by the Uncover Aussie team based on the most creative response that reflects the Aussie spirit. This means videos, pictures, stories or even songs can be in your blog post entry – just as long as you answer the question. The competition is running from today (Friday 11 March) until Midnight on Sunday 20th March 2011, so you’ve got 10 days to get your entries in. Terms and Conditions can be found on here.


Lush Time

I haven't made a Lush order since September, I even avoided ordering at Christmas as nothing really interested me. I was in the mood to try some of Lush retro products so I made a little order a long with the new shower gel, it's raining men, which smells like honey I washed the kids soap.
I haven’t tried any of these before so I’m looking forward to trying them out. Have you tried any of the retro products before?
I’ll probably be posting a review once a week so it’s not a Lush overload.


10 March 2011

Surprise From Aussie

I’ve scheduled this for later in the day so hopefully everyone will have already gotten their surprises :)

So glad I chose today to have a day off from work! My Lush order arrived along with this amazing box from Aussie. When I opened my emails and saw one saying a delivery will be made this morning from a balloon company I did think I was going crazy and ordering things in my sleep.

What an amazing way to start the day!

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