Week In Photos 024

001 Monday was the start of celebrating Internional Womens Day (weeks really) where I work. I was helping out with workshops and got to eat these amazing cupcakes from Costco and eat sweets. A nice days work really :)
002 The workshop was to create a collage using a photo of yourself and are currently displayed around the buidling. My mum and her friend came along for the session on Tuesday which was really nice.
003 These are some of the collages that were created on the Monday evening.
004 My cousins and aunty came up from London for the week. Sadly I missed out on going shopping and going to Southport as I had to work. I did manage to go see Others with everyone as my late night meeting was cancelled. "Based on a six-month exchange of letters and emails with a prisoner, a celebrity and an Iranian artist, The Paper Birds offer a visual and political exploration of 'Other' women, deconstructing the stories and voices of women from the East and West, from different sides of the television screen and different sides of the law. " It was really different to other plays I've been to and I really enjoyed it.
005 Using my models own/wah nails pen for the first time, a bit of a messy heart but I liked it. The heart on my other thumb looked like mickey mouse :)
006 I ordred my first graze box this week and it came on Saturday. I haven't picked the most healthiest options, more the yummiest. I used a code to get the first one free and then the next two half price, don't think I'm going to carry on afterwards though.
What have you been up to this week?


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