Week In Photos 023

  001 A cute photo of the Cat with a mouse on his head.

002 Been getting my green fingers ready with these little potted plants, they’re currently in the loft and will be brought into my bedroom when they start to sprout. The pots are really cute too, they’re metallic pink and gold and where only £3 from Asda.

003 On Thursday I took advantage on the Body Shop offer from last weekends Telegraph and bought a Satsuma body butter for only £7.50. It smells divine, almost good enough to eat!

004 After seeing this gorgeous dress from Matalan on someone's blog ( I’ve totally blanked on who it was, if it’s you comment and I’ll add your link) and knew I had to have it. It fits really well and I love the belt, you can just about see it in the photo. I’ll do a OOTD so you can see it properly.

005 On Sunday I got up early to go to a art gallery in Southport with my mu, it was really disappointing and was bloody freezing!

006 Sorry this is once again late! I’ve been having more problems with my laptop. The scroll bar on the touch pad has stopped working and if I try to use it it makes the mouse freeze and I then have to restart the laptop. Luckily I’ve fixed it for now by disabling the scrolling. Worse problems are I seem to have a couple of viruses. I managed to get rid of the worst one yesterday but I switched it on this morning to find another. Not really what I wanted to happen after the Blue Screen of Death the other week. I’m in the middle of another scan and so far so good, no infected files found. Makes a change as I had 17 last night and 7 this morning.

Hope everyone had a good week!


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