Week In Photos 021

For some reason this weeks Week In Photos wasn’t published on Sunday like usual and I’ve only just realised! Sorry for it being a tad late :)

001 I don’t know about where you live, but here the weather has been horrible this week! The wind has been crazy and for quite a few days this week I’ve been wearing dresses which hasn’t been good.

002 Despite the horrible weather there’s been some lovely sun rises though.

003 Finally bought some brogues after wanting them for what seems like years. They’re just cheap Primarks ones but actually are really comfortable and I’m thinking of buying another pair in black. Whenever I wear new shoes for the first time I always get blisters but I didn’t with these which was amazing.

004 While shopping in Primark over the weekend I finally found a pussy bow blouse which actually suits me. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve tried on and all have looked really bad on. I just wish they did this in more colours though.

005 I bought a little Money Tree plant from Asda. Not sure how much good it’s going to do, should probably play the lottery or something but it looks cute in my bedroom. Saying that I did just get a £100 bonus which I wasn’t expecting so maybe it is working! Think I’m going to buy a kindle with it.

006 A lovely little surprise came through my door this week, an Aussie bag with all our photos on! Also a bottle of 3MM which is perfect timing as I finished mine the other day.

007 This week was the start of my new job as an events and marketing assistant. It also looks like I’ll be taking over sorting out the exhibition spaces and finding artists which should be really interesting.

008 Anyone seen Friday Night Lights before? I’ve got like 10 new shows on my Lovefilm list and this is one of them.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. There's been some gorgeous sunsets/rises by mine even though the weather's been horrible, it's a nice contrast to see that once the wind dies down.
    The Aussie bag is such a cool idea, looks good!
    And congrats/good luck on your new job, sounds really interesting, keep us posted :)

    Jess xx

  2. @Jessica, I know, they always come up with such good ideas! thanks alot and cetainly will :) xxx


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