NOTD: Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish In Apricot Punch

I really didn’t like the application of this polish, I haven’t tried any of the other colours so not sure if it’s just this one. It may not be obvious in the photo but I applied three coats and it was still streaky and patchy. It also looked quite dirty on my nails and not in a good way either. I really loved the colour in the bottle though, such a summery shade.
As far as the scent goes, I really didn’t like it and I could still smell it a few days later when I took it off. When it was first applied and while it was drying it smelt like pear drops which was nicer. When it was fully dry it smelt of something different, definitely not apricot though.
Overall a disappointing polish and I wouldn’t recommend it.
They’re currently £2.99 in Boots and are available from ASOS too.
Rating: ♥


  1. ive tried this nail polish out too & im not too keen on it either x

  2. @Kate, oh that's a shame! I love the colour, will have to find a dupe from another brand :) xxx

  3. That's a shame that you were disappointed by the product :( I think Rimmel nail polishes can be a bit hit and miss - Some apply and look so nice, whereas others are just a bit blah. The colour is super pretty though. xx

  4. shame - it does look really pretty in the bottle.

  5. @Joy, yeah I totally agree! I have other colours that I really like the consistency of. It's like that for most brands, I've had some from OPI that haven't been great :) xxx

  6. @Rachael, I'm hoping to find a dupe with a better consistency, if I do I'll write a post about it! :) xxx


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