Living Nature Gentle Make-up Remover

Out of all the eye make-up removers I’ve tried I’ve only ever liked one, and I’ve tried a lot! The one is Liz Earle’s eye bright.
So in trying this make-up remover I hoped to find another favourite since this one is natural and good for you too like the Liz Earle one. Sadly it was really disappointing. I have pretty sensitive eyes so when I saw it said “ideal for sensitive skin and eyes” it sounded perfect but as soon as I applied it my eyes became red, sore and watery. Not good! I used it a couple of times more just in case my eyes were having a bad day, they weren’t. It irritated my eyes just the same.
I also don’t like the packaging as too much product comes out when the bottle is tipped onto a cotton pad. It would work better it was an open bottle.
So not a very good experience with this product and I wouldn’t recommend it. If anyone’s tried this I’d love to know what you thought of it.
You can buy it from for £11.50
Rating: no stars

Disclaimer: This was sent for free as part of mypures blogging parcel


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