Blue Screen Of Death

Bit of a differnt post today, last night I was woken up by my laptop making a funny noise and then it decided to restart itself and this message appeared, something similar to this anyway.

The blue screen of death, anyone else had one of these? It's the first time it's happened to me and I did get a bit scared my computer wouldn't work after it restarted itself. Luckily it seems to be ok but still unsure what caused it and what the error is. Been doing a bit of searching forums and google today and it seems like it could have been a million different things that caused it.


  1. I hate the Blue Screen of Death. My old laptop started doing it about 10 times a day just after I'd installed a new anti-virus software. After trying a million different things and contacting the anti-virus company who assured me that it was not their product causing the problems I uninstalled the anti-virus software and all was ok.
    Hope your laptop is ok - it's so upsetting and frustrating when they don't work properly. x

  2. Mine did this once and my dad told me that when I switched it on the next time, I needed to insert the reboot disks that came with it and that would fix it.

    If you want to save what you currently have on there, I'd suggest switching it on and letting it run as normal and saving your files to a USB stick and then running a virus check, that should sort it out.

  3. Yeh I've had so many of those I've lost count.
    Since I used to play a lot of PC games I used to get blue screen of death. >.<
    Its rather annoying!

  4. I used to get this on my laptop a few times a day at one point, which was awful because they usually mean something is critically wrong. But, I searched on google and eventually found a way to repair it (i think i had to download a programme which fixed whatever was wrong) and I havent seen it since, thank god! Good luck, hopefully yours was a one off?! x

  5. I used to get these all the time! I tried everything and nothing worked so I ended up reinstalling windows. I only get them when my laptop gets too hot/runs too many programmes at once. I think it's a sign we need to upgrade! xxx

  6. @Everyone, Luckily I haven't had one again! I'm switching it off more, making sure it doesn't overheat and not using too many programs, also getting an external memory thing soon. Thanks everyone! :) xxx


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