Alva Lipstick In Pearl Pink

I like the packaging, it’s simple but heavy so it doesn’t feel cheap. One downside though is they don’t have the shade name anywhere on the packaging, just the shade number which is never very useful.

When I ordered this lipstick I had no idea what colour I was going to get as the swatches are pretty rubbish. It’s the colour I expected it to be but it’s full of glitter which stays on the lips once the colour has faded. I really don’t like glitter in my lip products so this was really disappointing as it could have become one of my favourites, I love the colour so much. The formula is really nice and moisturising and isn’t gritty despite the glitter.

If you’re thinking of ordering a lipstick from Alva definitely try and find a good swatch as they’re not cheap, £13.80 which is just a little bit more than a Mac lipstick.
Rating: ♥♥♥

Disclaimer: This was sent for free as part of mypures blogging parcel


  1. Wow, didn't realise the price of these Alva lipsticks. The colour is gorgeous though! Hope there's a dupe out there for me!

  2. @Meowcake, think I might go to boots and superdrug, take the lipstick with me and find a match which doesn't have any shimmer in it, love the colour so much :) xxx


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