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Alva Naturkosmetik Daily Care Vanilla & Orange Body Lotion

For some reason I can't think of too much to say about this body lotion, this isn't because it's a bad product, far from it. love the smell, vanilla and orange, they go really well together. The  vanilla isn't too other powering either and doesn't interfere with my perfume. It moisturisers really well and I can still feel it on my skin the next day. It also soaks in immideiatly and the scent lingers for a couple of hours on my skin.The body lotion costs £8.20 which I think is a little bit too epxensive. I'd be more likely to buy it if it was the same price as the shower gel since you're getting the same amount.
You can read more about it here along with all the other products from this range.

Rating: ♥♥♥

Have you tried any of these body lotions?

Disclaimer: This was sent for free as part of Mypures blogging panel

Week In Photos 024

001 Monday was the start of celebrating Internional Womens Day (weeks really) where I work. I was helping out with workshops and got to eat these amazing cupcakes from Costco and eat sweets. A nice days work really :) 002 The workshop was to create a collage using a photo of yourself and are currently displayed around the buidling. My mum and her friend came along for the session on Tuesday which was really nice. 003 These are some of the collages that were created on the Monday evening. 004 My cousins and aunty came up from London for the week. Sadly I missed out on going shopping and going to Southport as I had to work. I did manage to go see Others with everyone as my late night meeting was cancelled. "Based on a six-month exchange of letters and emails with a prisoner, a celebrity and an Iranian artist, The Paper Birds offer a visual and political exploration of 'Other' women, deconstructing the stories and voices of women from the East and West, from different sides of…

Acorelle Perfume Discovery Set

This set is a great idea, especially for an online company selling perfumes which you can’t actually smell before buying. The set contains 2ml samples of six of the perfumes for £9.99. I think this is just a little bit too expensive, if it contained all nine perfumes to try then that would be better at only £1 per sample. I really like all the packaging, it’s set out really nicely and would make a perfect gift. 
There are three families each containing three perfumes which you can see in the photo below. In this set you get Wild Berries, Amber Vanilla, Wheat Almond, Rose, White Orchid and Bamboo Lotus.

Wild Berries - Family : Flowery Spicy Rose, Top Notes : cardamom, green note, Middles Notes : rose, mimosa, violet, Base Notes : sandalwood. This one reminds me baby powder mixed with parma violets. I’d like the sandalwood to be more prominent as it’s one of my favourite scents otherwise I’m overly keen on it.
Amber Vanilla - Family : Vanilla, Top Notes : mimosa, Middles Notes : patchoul…

Week In Photos 023

001 A cute photo of the Cat with a mouse on his head. 002 Been getting my green fingers ready with these little potted plants, they’re currently in the loft and will be brought into my bedroom when they start to sprout. The pots are really cute too, they’re metallic pink and gold and where only £3 from Asda.003 On Thursday I took advantage on the Body Shop offer from last weekends Telegraph and bought a Satsuma body butter for only £7.50. It smells divine, almost good enough to eat!004 After seeing this gorgeous dress from Matalan on someone's blog ( I’ve totally blanked on who it was, if it’s you comment and I’ll add your link) and knew I had to have it. It fits really well and I love the belt, you can just about see it in the photo. I’ll do a OOTD so you can see it properly. 005 On Sunday I got up early to go to a art gallery in Southport with my mu, it was really disappointing and was bloody freezing! 006 Sorry this is once again late! I’ve been having more problems with my lap…

NOTD: Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish In Apricot Punch

I really didn’t like the application of this polish, I haven’t tried any of the other colours so not sure if it’s just this one. It may not be obvious in the photo but I applied three coats and it was still streaky and patchy. It also looked quite dirty on my nails and not in a good way either. I really loved the colour in the bottle though, such a summery shade.
As far as the scent goes, I really didn’t like it and I could still smell it a few days later when I took it off. When it was first applied and while it was drying it smelt like pear drops which was nicer. When it was fully dry it smelt of something different, definitely not apricot though.
Overall a disappointing polish and I wouldn’t recommend it.
They’re currently £2.99 in Boots and are available from ASOS too.
Rating: ♥

Week In Photos 022

001 If you read my last post you’ll know I bought a kindle this week. I love it and every spare second I have I’ve been reading it. Once again, any book recommendations will be great.
002 I’ve been settling in to my new job this week and trying to get a good routine going. I still haven’t quite got used to remembering to take all my blog photos at the weekend so next week may be a little quiet.
003 Bought some nutella this weekend in preparation for Pancake day. My favourite is nutella and banana, what’s yours? EDIT- Turns out our office got it wrong, it isn't pancake day tomorrow, it's next month. I still think I'm going to make some tomorrow though.
What have you been up to this week?

Amazon Kindle

I finally bought an Amazon Kindle! I’ve wanted one for such a long time but never went close to buying one until Thursday night. I always have a book to read with me but I hate how heavy they can be or how much space they take up in my bag. I’m currently reading Shopaholic Ties The Knot by Sophie Kinsella, I’m sure I’ve already read it but can’t remember what happens in it so I’m reading it again. I downloaded a sample of Mini Shopaholic and loved it so I’m catching up by reading the 3 previous books. It’s such a great series if you haven’t already read them.What I also didn’t know is that you can actually go on any websites on the internet, I though you could only go on Amazon to order the books. Now I can catch up on blogs and update twitter where ever I am.Have you got a Kindle? Any books you’d recommend?

Free Barry M Make-up Set With Buzz Magazine

Tomorrow (Saturday 12th February) you can get your hands on this Barry M set with The Sun’s Buzz magazine. I got the Barry M fabulous kit last year in my giveaway prize from Steph, they’re such great offers. You get limited edition shades for free with the quality, in my opinion, of normal Barry M products.

“To celebrate valentine’s Day, buzz have teamed up with cosmetic experts Barry M to give away a fabulous make-up set designed for buzz.  The set is worth more than £9 and includes a Glossy Tubes lip gloss, a black kohl eyeliner pencil and a pot of nail polish all in limited-edition shades not available in the shops.  All readers need to do to get the FREE make-up set is take the voucher printed in this week’s buzz to their nearest participating Superdrug store.”

Are you going to be picking up a set?EDIT: This weekend the Telegraph are also having an offer, a £5 The Body Shop voucher, you can read more about it in Caz’s post.

Disclaimer: This was sent for free for review consideration…

Blue Screen Of Death

Bit of a differnt post today, last night I was woken up by my laptop making a funny noise and then it decided to restart itself and this message appeared, something similar to this anyway.

The blue screen of death, anyone else had one of these? It's the first time it's happened to me and I did get a bit scared my computer wouldn't work after it restarted itself. Luckily it seems to be ok but still unsure what caused it and what the error is. Been doing a bit of searching forums and google today and it seems like it could have been a million different things that caused it.

In the summertime when the weather is hot 004


Week In Photos 021

For some reason this weeks Week In Photos wasn’t published on Sunday like usual and I’ve only just realised! Sorry for it being a tad late :)001 I don’t know about where you live, but here the weather has been horrible this week! The wind has been crazy and for quite a few days this week I’ve been wearing dresses which hasn’t been good. 002 Despite the horrible weather there’s been some lovely sun rises though. 003 Finally bought some brogues after wanting them for what seems like years. They’re just cheap Primarks ones but actually are really comfortable and I’m thinking of buying another pair in black. Whenever I wear new shoes for the first time I always get blisters but I didn’t with these which was amazing.004 While shopping in Primark over the weekend I finally found a pussy bow blouse which actually suits me. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve tried on and all have looked really bad on. I just wish they did this in more colours though.005 I bought a little Money Tree plant from A…