What’s In My Cupboards

I’ve just read Jo’s post about the products in her shower and thought it was a nice post to do today so here is what’s in my shower cupboards. If you see any products you want reviewing just leave a comment, the products already reviewed will have links.

I have two shelves in the bathroom, one is above a radiator so I tend to only store soaps in there, with the exception of a few products, as it gets quite hot when the heating’s on. I used to have all my bath products in the bathroom but it was a bit over whelming (I had a lot) so now I’ve, sort of, only got one product per use, if that makes any sense. The rest is stored in a box in my wardrobe.

The bottom shelf is mine and holds all my Lush soaps, shower jelly and massage bar pieces which I use as bath melts. All my Lush soaps are cut up into little pieces as I use them as hand soap. A pumice from The Body Shop, Gillette razor, Haus of Gloi soap, Ivi Scents soap, Soap and Glory feel the knead soap, Haus of Gloi whipped soap, Waterfall Spa foot scrub and finally The Body Shop body brush.


In my second shelf I have some samples, Lush bubble bar and rose soap, A’kin body scrub, Boots clarifying shampoo, Tara Smith shampoo and conditioner, Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner, A’kin conditioner, Aveeno body wash, Aussie 3 minute miracle, a bath salt scooper, Naked rose body wash, Cutex nail polish remover and some hotel stuff. Also you can’t see but there’s a tub of Andrew Barton deep conditioner hiding at the back along with a hair brush and Johnsons baby shampoo which I use to wash my make-up brushes. I forgot to photograph my Bedhead shampoo and conditioner as they’ve behind the sink, way too big to fit in either of the shelves, you can read about them here.


This is a new addition to the bathroom as it only arrived this morning, Bluebeards Revenge shaving cream and brush, I’ll be writing a review for it soon :)

What products are in your shower or cupboards?


  1. So jealous of all the Lush products you have! x

  2. Gosh your cupboards are so well organised - love all the little lush soaps in those boxes. I never end up buying Lush cos i find the shops really overwhelming!

    Looking forward to the Bluebeard shaving cream review - intruiging!


  3. @LilyLipstick, I tend to buy in bulk when I buy from Lush but only make an order like 3 or 4 times a year :) xxx

  4. @Danni, haha the second one is a bit of a mess! The other one I have to keep it quite tidy as it's really thin so will only hold so many products

    I do so I always order online, plus I always ask for samples when I do, great way to try them before buying :) xxx

  5. Oh what a nice tag! I should do this too, but mine would be way less ineresting than yours, with all of your LUSH products =D

    I also cut my LUSH soaps in pieces but I don,t use them as hand soaps. Do you think they could work as bath melts?

  6. @Gaby, you should do it! Hmm I don't think it would work, the soap would eventually dissolve but it wouldn't make your water nice or anything like a bath melt does. I find Lush's massage bars work great in the bath though, they're a bit oily for me but are perfect for a long soak :) xxx

  7. I don't have nearly as many products as you! Major bathroom envy :)

    I also have the same A'kin body scrub as you

  8. @Jen, I'm really trying to use up what I have and not buy anything new in the mean time :) xxx

  9. Katy said...

    @Jen, I'm really trying to use up what I have and not buy anything new in the mean time :) xxx

    Same here , but it is realllllllly hard not to buy a thing


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