Week In Photos 020

001 On Tuesday I went to a little gallery to see some textile work. Apart from the miserable weather it was a nice little day out, chocolate cake in a cafe later, perfect.

002 I loved the origami birds made out of maps. There were hundreds of them hanging from the ceiling!

003 I’ve decided to use a piece of white paper as the background for any photos I take of products. I want my blog to have more continuity to it and the continual change in backgrounds was really annoying me. I just need the lack of sunlight to improve!

004 Also this week I’ve been helping my mum sort out boxes of wools for the Embroiderers Guild. Each wool had to be matched to the correct name and then put away properly. Seems like a boring job but I actually had fun doing it and picking out the different wools. I’ve got the best eye sight in our house so any hard ones were passed on to me.

005 Last night I took my tripod and camera out to try and get some good photos of lights from the traffic but it was a bit of fail. We were standing on a bridge with the traffic below us but I’m thinking maybe it would have been a bit better standing more to the side.

006 Instead we drove round and went on the motorway to try and get some better photos. Not what I was wanting but I love them none the less.

007 These past few days the weather gotten much colder, we even had some frost and ice yesterday. I really hope we get some snow before spring comes along. This pretty ice pattern was in a bucket of water.


  1. North West?
    I am too! <3
    I know about 3 altogether now! Woop!


  2. @Meowcake, yup yup, Liverpool :) xxx


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