Week In Photos 017

001 Not many photos this week I’m afraid, everything I’ve been doing hasn’t really been photo-worthy. I finished ECDL, ended my placement and finished at TNG. I’m hopefully going to be volunteering in a print studio and I have an interview on Tuesday for an admin position so things are finally looking up :)

002 This week I finally put up the photo frames I got for Christmas! I’m really happy with them, they don’t look so huge once on the walls.

003 A little close up of my scratch map which I mentioned in my goals for 2011 post. I haven’t been to too many countries, just the usual ones around Europe but I really want to visit more and see more of the world.

004 You may or may not have noticed but I bought a url for my blog so it is now www.rottenotter.com :D I went with this as it’s really simple and means if I ever want to change the content of my blog it’ll go with the url.

What have you been up to this week?


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