Week In Photos 016

001 On Monday my aunty and my two cousins came down for a couple of days, we hadn’t seen them since November so it was good to catch up again!

002 We all did touristy things like going to the Walker art gallery and went in the Ferris wheel by the docks. Sadly the weather was too good so all my photos were a bit fuzzy and dull, there were some good views though.

003 My aunty and cousin braved the rain and cold and went on the swings that are in the middle of Liverpool One. You can sort of tell on the photo, but it spins around and goes up into the air at the same time.

004 We did a bit of shopping and then walked a long the Albert Dock and back to the car. I love all the reflections in the water from all the shops and restaurants.

005 And the reflection of the wheel too!

006 Then on Friday it was time to get ready to welcome in 2011! Listening to Radio One in preparation.

007 Time to do the hair and make-up.

008 This is one of the rings I bought from the Matalan sale, I have a few others so think I’ll do a post about them. I’m wearing Eyeko indigo polish with Essie matt about you on top.

009 Same hair as usual when I go out, loose curls which are a bit messy but I pinned my fringe back for a change. I really wanted to buy a new dress to wear from ASOS but with the weather and Christmas there was no chance it would get hear in time so I wore my trusty flower print playsuit.

010 These are my cards from playing Cluedo at the new years party. In each room of the house there was a task you had to complete in order to see someone else's card. We had to play beer pong, giant kerplunk, go round an obstacle course blindfolded, make someone a drink, play Pictionary and guess the celebrity from the mouth. It was such a great idea and so funny to see everyone do the obstacle course as the night went on and everyone drank more. I’ll have a new years post up tomorrow with a few photos of the night, I’ll link it here once it’s live.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Lovely photos :) Absolutely adore that ring & your hair looks gorgeous like that! xo

  2. I love that ring- have seen it on a few people but never realised it was matalan- woop! Finally some affordable jewellery.

    Your NYE sounds fun - that cluedo idea is genius!


  3. @Jennifer, me too! So glad I found it :) xxx

  4. @Laura, thank you! I have another wing ring from ASOS but it's silver, so glad this one is gold :) xxx

  5. @Danni, I know I've seen it pop up on a lot of blogs, I'm sure you can buy it other places but Matalan is nice and cheap :) xxx

  6. Ooo looks like a fabulous week :) Also, I'm just popping buy to let you know that I featured your blog in the Hidden Treasure's section of my Monday Musings post this week xx

  7. Love that ring and your hair looks gorgeous. Looks like you've had a great week! x

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  9. @Lilylipstick, it was a good week! :) xxx


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