Models Own Car Key Collection

A little side note – I cannot wait until the summer, or at least until spring, so we can get some proper light! I haven’t been able to take good photos at all this week. I’m not totally happy with this one as it doesn’t show the true colours but I really wanted to get a post up. When I do NOTD’s with these polishes I’ll try and get them as true to life as possible.

I’ve wanted these polishes by Models Own ever since they first came out but for some reason I’d forgotten all about them and have only ordered them recently. I used my 25% off from the Models Own Fabulous offer, if you haven’t used yours yet you’ve still got till February 7th to do so.

The three polishes are Becca’s Brown, Purple Ash and Grace Green and I love them all. My favourite has to be the green though, I really love dirty colours on my nails as they suit my skin tone the best.

I also bought the black nail art pen which I’ve been playing around with and doing leopard nails for the first time. I’m not the best at nail art but practice makes perfect and they may be appearing on the blog some time soon.

As always these will be featuring as NOTD’s so you’ll be able to get a better idea of the colour.


  1. Grace Green is one of my all time favourite nail polishes, I love the colour so much! Can't stop looking at nails when it's on them :)


  2. I have purple ash and grace green! I love them both. I wore purple ash today at work and I had two ladies compliment me on it :)
    Models own do such unusual/lovely colours. I really need to get myself one of their wah pens next. x

  3. @Kim, they really do don't they! And they're a really good price too :) xxx

  4. These colour look gorgeous. I love the shade Grace Green. x

  5. @Lilylipstick, they really are :) xxx


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