31 December 2011

December Empties

december empties 2011

Haven't finished too many full sized products this month which is what I was expecting since the majority of the things I'm using at the moment are pretty new and full.

Liz Earle Shampoo - Sad to see this finished, it's my second bottle and I really like it. You can read my full review here along with my mum's. I will eventually buy a new bottle but I have so many different shampoos at the moment I'm trying to finish them up. This is in my top favourite shampoos.

The Body Shop Lemongrass Foot Powder Lotion - Think this has been discontinued now and I'm glad to have finished it. I liked it when I bought it but recently it's just been drying my feet out which is not what I want. If they still sold this, I wouldn't buy it again.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish - This is just a mini tube that I take away with me and has lasted a surprisingly long time. I have another mini tube so don't need to repurchase just yet. The best cleanser I've tried so far, love it.

Liz Earle Sensitive Shave Cream - I really enjoyed using this mini tube of shave cream but it just doesn't work as well as the Bluebeards Revenge one does. I might buy a full sized tube at some point though.

Mark Hill Frizz Serum - This is another one that I liked when I bought it but didn't like once I started using it again. Wanted to finish it off though and glad I have. I've gone through three of these but won't be purchasing again. The V05 miracle concentrate works so much better.

Collection 200 Big Fake Mascara - I think I got a bit of an off one as it was basically dried up when I bought it. It was in it's proper packaging though and was all sealed up. If it's meant to be like this then I can't see the hype. Can't see myself buying this again.

Bunch of samples - Been trying out perfume samples this month and I've found two that I want to add to my ever growing perfume list. These are Angel by Thierry Mugler and Narciso Rodriguez for her. Also really liked the grapefruit face wash although there wasn't enough in the sample to try it out properly.

What was the last product you finished?

30 December 2011

December Favourites

decmber favourites 2011

This months favourites is my little winter survival kit. It's full of products to keep you moisturised with a bit of festive fun.

Soap & Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter - I've been using this on my feet every night to keep them smooth and soft. I walk around in my bare feet a lot in the summer so they're always really dry. This also smells great too.

Lush Helping Hands hand cream - I've been keeping this in my bag as well as on my bedside table so I'm constantly applying this to my hands each day. I'm not so keen on the scent but it's really moisturising which makes up for it. It's lavender and chamomile scented but I think it's the chamomile that I don't like. I also love the little pump dispenser.

Models Own Scarlet Sparkle - This is the perfect red glitter for this time of year. You can see my NOTD here. It's also pretty easy to remove for a glitter polish.

Space NK Laughter Perfume - I got this mini bottle of perfume in my Latest In Beauty fragrance box and it actually retails for £25. I only bought the box for £5! It's a spicy citrus cologne scent which I love and works all year round.

 Fresh Brown Sugar Lip Treatment* - This is the only lip balm I've been using this month and it's worked wonders. You can read my full review here.

Weleda Wild Rose Body Wash* - This is the perfect winter body as it's just so moisturising and it smells amazing. You can read my full review here.

Gwdihw Nail Wizard* - Using this in conjunction with the Helping Hands hand cream has gotten my hands back into a good condition. Although my cuticles on my thumb and two fingers on my left hand haven't grown back. Not really sure what's up with that but it's been working wonders on my other cuticles. Love the scent too.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant - I've been using this to combat dry patches of skin like on my elbows and knees. You can read my full review here.

29 December 2011

Models Own Fuzzy Peach - NOTD

models own fuzzy peach nail polish notdBit of a summer colour but thought I'd post it anyway as I started messing around with konad before I could photograph my new topshop polish.

I was hoping this was going to be a better version of Golden Peach but without the shimmer which it definitely is. The formula is nice, only needing 2 coats to achieve bottle colour.

28 December 2011

Christmas Sale Shopping

I'm not very good at sale shopping. Either I can never be bothered to look through everything or I only find things I like that aren't in the sale. Here's a few bits I did pick up today and a couple of extra presents I got from my family that came round the other day.
christmas sale shopping 01
I've wanted a necklace like this for ages but haven't seen one that isn't too expensive. I mostly wear plain tops so thought this would go with a lot of items I already own. This one was from Topshop, £7 reduced from £15. I would never have bought it full price, the same price is much more worth it.
christmas sale shopping 02
These three weren't in the sale but I had a gift card so thought I'd get them anyway. I went in looking for a cream blush but they only had Neon Rose which I didn't want. The nail polish, Mercury Miasma, looks nothing like it does in the photo. It's a light silver blue which sometimes looks like it has a bit of lilac in it. It has a bit of a foil finish to it like Models Own Blue Moon. I'm going to put it on tonight so will probably post a NOTD next Thursday.

I really wanted to get either a dark red or dark purple lipstick but they'd completely sold out. I went with Infrared which I've actually been wanting a while. This is my first Topshop lipstick but I'm really impressed with the formula and finish. Also bought Coy lipstick pencil which is a bright pink with a hint of peach. It's quite drying though so a good lip balm is needed.
christmas sale shopping 06
Can't have enough winter pajamas. Saw these when we were doing our Christmas food shop but they were £10 so waited until today and they'd been reduced down to £5. They're really thick and warm, just need some proper winter weather now!
christmas sale shopping 05
Also been wanting these for a while but new they be reduced at some point. Picked them up today for only £2.50 and they smell amazing. Literally like something you can eat.
christmas sale shopping 04
Green Glitter, Blue Glitter, Red Glitter.
The rest of the family came round to stay on Tuesday and we all exchanged presents. I got these lovely nail polishes from Barry M which for some reason I can never find in the shops. Not sure if they're only available on the website or my Superdrug/Boots just don't stock them.
christmas sale shopping 03
Once Upon A Time, Lavender Hexograms, Silver Cascade, Hologram


26 December 2011

Christmas Presents 2011

Thought I'd share some of my Christmas presents that will be making appearances on the blog over the next few months. I got a lot of nail polish! I'm pretty content with my make-up collection at the moment but can't seem to stop wanting or buying nail polish. I also love reading other peoples present posts so if you've done one link me in the comments :)

christmas presents 2011 rococo 24k gold leaf nail polish 03 christmas presents 2011 rococo 24k gold leaf nail polish 02 christmas presents 2011 rococo 24k gold leaf nail polish 01
How pretty is the packaging for this Rococo nail polish! I just love the box, I don't normally keep packaging for products but this polish is definitely going to be kept in it's box. This is the 24k gold leaf polish that I've been wanting for something like two years. It's probably the most expensive polish I'll ever own but I love it.

christmas presents 2011 ebay nail polish 05
Next up is some polishes from Guppy, which is a Korean brand. You can see the polishes in more detail below and expect some NOTD's with these soon! The pink polish leaves your nails looking very natural but just a tad more pink. It looks really pretty and is perfect if you want your nails looking very natural but just polished. These are also huge bottles, bigger than OPI!

christmas presents 2011 ebay nail polish 04 christmas presents 2011 ebay nail polish 03 christmas presents 2011 ebay nail polish 02

Here's some more polishes from the same brand, Guppy. I haven't used any of these yet as I just can't decide which one I want to use first. Probably easier if I just paint one nail with each one! I'm also waiting for some nail wheels so I can swatch them all. All these Guppy polishes can be found on Ebay for an incredibly cheap price. They also have a scent and each one is different.
christmas presents 2011 ebay nail polish 01

So excited that I finally have a konad set! This is another thing I've wanted for at least 2 years but just never bought them for some reason. I'm still testing which polishes work best and the positioning but I'm sure I'll be doing some NOTD's soon. christmas presents 2011 konad stamping set

And then to house all this nail polish I got some new storage! They're perfect and match all the other furniture in my room. They also hold a good amount of polish, I have 3 drawers empty at the moment so have a nice amount of space to buy even more polish ;)
christmas presents 2011 argos four drawers white nail polish storage

And finally, it couldn't be Christmas without some Lush! I'll definitely be reviewing Yuzu and Cocoa (orange one) and Phoenix Rising (purple one) as they're both permanent products, the rest are Christmas so are limited edition. Don't think I'll be reviewing them unless you want me to. I got two of the melting snowmen bath melts and used one last night. Wasn't very impressed with I have to say! It wasn't very moisturising like the other bath melts but it did smell lovely.
christmas presents 2011 lush

25 December 2011

Week In Photos 066

week in photos 066 17 week in photos 066 16 week in photos 066 15 week in photos 066 14 week in photos 066 13 week in photos 066 12 week in photos 066 11 week in photos 066 10 week in photos 066 09 week in photos 066 08 week in photos 066 07 week in photos 066 06 week in photos 066 05 week in photos 066 04 week in photos 066 03 week in photos 066 02 week in photos 066 01
Last Graze box // Organising Christmas cards to be hung on the walls // Christmas card from Aussie and personalised shampoo bottle! // Christmas presents // Glittery drink // Trying Konad for the first time // Christmas // Cats Christmas present // chocolate overload. 

001 Had a lovely relaxing Christmas day, ate a lot, family time and opened lots of lovely presents. I'll be showing a few bits and bobs I got that are some what beauty related. You can definitely tell what I'm into at the moment. Little hint in one of the photos!

002 Hope everyone had a great day even if you don't celebrate Christmas! :)

003 The rest of the family are coming down Tuesday which I'm really excited about. Haven't seen them all since the start of November and it's not often we're (mostly) all in one house.

24 December 2011

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Hair Treatment

Today I'm talking about an exciting new product from Liz Earle which is the Botanical Shine Treatment* which will be available at the start of January.

liz earle hair treatment

This treatment is designed to combat frizzy, coarse and dry hair which pretty much describes my own hair! I use a deep conditioner every time I wash my hair as it's just so dry so this is perfect for me.

The treatment has the same packaging as the normal conditioner but is slightly smaller, containing 150ml, and has the same fresh citrus scent.

You can either use this as a quick 10 minute treatment after shampooing which is perfect for everyday or leave it on for 30 minutes for more of a pamper. You could even leave it on overnight which will leave your hair feeling amazing once washed out in the morning.

I have very long hair and probably use about a cherry tomato sized amount which was a lot less than I expected to use. A good bonus though as I thought I'd go through this tube really quickly.

When I first used it, I immediately noticed how easy it was to brush through my hair when wet and still had the conditioner on. It can be a nightmare to brush through sometimes with other conditioners. It was also really easy to wash out after the 10 minutes were up. Something that other deep conditioners lack and I find my hair still feeling greasy despite just being washed.

Once my hair was dry and I'd slept on it, something I always have to do with my frizzy hair, it was soft and smooth! I was also impressed with how it defined my curls/waves and I definitely noticed a lot less frizz. Similarly to the shampoo and conditioner, I did notice the top of my hair and roots were a lot flatter than usual but I personally like that. The scent really lingers too which is nice.

Edit: Just got a Liz Earle leaflet through the door which says the Treatment will be £14.

Are you going to try this when it's released?


23 December 2011

Gwdihw Nail Wizard Balm

To start off a little background information on the brand as it's pretty new to me. Gwdihw is pronounced goody hoo, which it says on the tin for you. They're a Welsh brand who use locally grown herbs infused in their balms. You can see from the photo below how natural their products are.

gwdihw goody hoo nail wizard goody hoo gwdihw nail wizard

The Nail Wizard balm* is encased in a cute little metal tin which actually opens really easily. This is great as I've always had a problem with metal tins, Lush sample tins - I'm looking at you!

It's the perfect product for this time of year, my hands, especially the skin round my nails get really dry and sometimes cracked. My nails tend to peel when I wear nail polish for a long time too. I apply this on my nails  each night before I got to bed as it is a bit greasy. This does go away once soaked in though. I also apply this onto my cuticles either when I take nail polish off or applied a new coat.

It has a really fresh lemon scent which is lovely. The ingredients list is really impressive, only containing 6 ingredients and each one is natural and good for your skin. It's a pretty decent size too and will last a long time.

Overall I'm really impressed with this new brand and I'm looking forward to trying more of their products. They have 13 little tins for pretty much anything you could think of and can be bought from the Mypure website.

Edit: Forgot to say how much they are! And they are a bargainous £4.49!

18 December 2011

Week In Photos 065

week in photos 065 05 week in photos 065 06 christmas 2011 12 week in photos 065 09 week in photos 065 07 week in photos 065 04 week in photos 065 03 week in photos 065 02 week in photos 065 01 week in photos 065 11 week in photos 065 10 week in photos 065 08

Unusual drinks from M&S // Decorating the Christmas tree // First snow fall of the winter // Mini cupcakes //  Homemade banana bread with passion fruit icing - Ah-mazing! // Wreck This Journal stamp page- work in progress

001 Cannot believe it's only a week till Christmas! Still haven't got all my present shopping done and I'm waiting for a few bits in the post to arrive. Hopefully they will before Christmas!

002 SO excited that it snowed for the first time this week even if the snow didn't stick around for more than a day. It still made me happy. It's my favourite weather and I hope we get a lot more of it soon. Although I don't want it to stop my family coming up after Christmas.
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