Week In Photos 015

001 This week’s Week in photos post is a bit late as I haven’t been taking any photos! I had planned to take loads of Christmas day too but I was so busy with opening presents, eating copious amounts of food and chocolate and watching The Hills season 3. My cousins and auntie are over for the next few days and will be doing touristy things so I’ll be able to take my camera out with me.

002 Christmas day was great and I got some amazing presents! Didn’t get any beauty things to blog about apart from some Lush from my brother. My mum was given some skin care items including her much loved Kosmea serum which she reviewed a few months ago on here. I’m sure she’ll be back to review them once she’s trialled them out.

003 My main presents were one of my photos blown up really huge and framed as well as a scratch map in a frame. I’ll probably post about them once they’re put up on my wall but you can sort of see them in this third photo.

004 Finally got my room tidied with the help of all the Ikea things I bought the other week. I’m trying to keep it less cluttered which is so hard as I hate throwing things away.

005 I’ve never tried peppermint bark bef0re so I made some minus the dark chocolate as I didn’t have any. It’s SO good! And really easy to make, melt the white chocolate, break up the candy canes, mix together and leave it to cool on something flat.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. ooh i love the different banner/layout. hope you had a good xmas.


  2. Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)
    That peppermint bark looks yummy, I really want to try making some as it sounds so easy to do! x

  3. The Peppermint Bark looks so good, i've never made it before but you've definitely made me want to! x

  4. @Elle, thanks! I can't remember when I changed it but now I'm finally happy with it :) you too! :) xxx

  5. @LilyLipstick, it was! Wish I had more candy canes to make some more. Will have to make a big batch next year :) xxx


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