Week In Photos 014

001 We finally decorated our tree Monday night. As I said in my last Week In Photos post I don’t actually like decorating the tree, just getting all the decorations out of the boxes and deciding what will be put up, My mum and dad do the actual decorating. I’m thinking of doing a post on the decorating hence no final photo of the tree.

002 At the start of the week we started to get the normal post coming through so most of our parcels arrived. Finally got Lauren Conrad’s third book in the L.A Candy series which I’m about half way through. One of my dads presents from Amazon still hasn’t arrived and with the snow we’ve had this weekend I really hope it get’s here before Christmas. It was dispatched on the 6th so I’m thinking of emailing amazing and asking what the dealio is.

003 Went to Ikea on Thursday, luckily before all the snow and ice. Bought a few bits for my room and the house as well as some photo frames for me for Christmas. I’m getting two of my photos printed out really big as presents so needed some frames for them. Good luck to my mum who has to wrap 100cm x 70cm frames!

004 Jessops has moved into a new shop in town so I decided to have a look at all the cameras and lenses. Finally picked up a uv filter, cleaning cloth and another lens cap after having it for about 6 months.

005 Loved using my Yankee candles this week! Out of the ones I bought I thought there was one I wouldn’t like which is Silver Bells, it’s basically smells of pine, but I actually loved it.

006 Bought some Christmas PJ bottoms, they’re so warm and comfy! They’re like a fleecy material from Primark for only £4, going to see if they have any other colours :)

007 Snow, snow, snow! I was hoping it would snow so much that I wouldn’t have to go into work tomorrow but looks like I’ll be going in and probably slipping over on all the ice while carrying my laptop. Not so fun.

008 Some how, and I have no idea how, I managed to drop the hot chocolate onto the work top, the lid came off and it landed upside down. Had to take a photo cos it was so funny!

009 And from that mess of powder, a lovely hot chocolate, whipped cream and a candy cane. Perfect!

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Lovely photos! So Christmassy :). Love those PJ pants, they look so comfy! Mmm hot chocolate <3 xo

  2. That hot chocolate with the cream and candy cane looks gorgeous! I hope you didnt waste too much spilling all the powder haha. xx

  3. @Laura, The pj's are so warm too!! :) xx

  4. @Caz, haha surprisingly not too much! :) xxx


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