Week In Photos 013

001 First chocolate orange of the Christmas period. Obviously the dark, mint version, it is the best!
002 ECDL as boring as usual! I’m not learning anything but at least I’ll have a qualification that hopefully employers will take notice of. I’m looking for an admin position if you didn’t know. Placement is still mehh but at least they have starbucks-standard hazelnut lattes for only £1.25. That’s for a large too. Also if you didn’t know, which you probably won’t as I don’t think I’ve mentioned it at all, my placement is at a web design and advertising company and I’m basically creating and maintaining the database and contacts for them. I’m not getting paid which is a bummer but at least I’m getting experience for my CV. The good thing about being in the office is that the company is sort of part of a press agency. They’re constantly getting calls about Rebecca Ferguson (x-factor in case you didn’t know) and other celebrities, stories that are going to be in magazines and people who are going to be on this morning or day break, you know those sorts of programmes. Makes my days go by quicker listening in to phone calls haha :)
003 I always seem to post a photo of cat, but he’s so cute! Doesn’t really like the camera but still cute.
004 Finally got our Christmas tree! It’s still undecorated mind, will have to do it soon. I always like the idea of decorating the tree and love taking all the decorations out of their boxes but when it comes to actually doing it, I get kind of bored. Any one else like this?
005 Love getting Christmas cards! I’m not actually sending any out myself this year I don’t think. But if anyone wants me to send them one I may change my mind! Let me know in a comment or send me an email :)
006 I’ve been really into painting my nails this week, think I’ve changed them like every other day. These are the colours I’ve been reaching for.
007 I’ll have some NOTD’s of them all up in the next few weeks.
008 My Yankee candles order arrived!! SO happy with them all. When smelling them in the garden centre near me there are loads I don’t like so I’ve always been weary of ordering online without being able to sniff them first. I also used Fleur’s discount code to get 10% off at http://www.yankeedirect.com/ so I saved myself some pennies. The code is fleurdeforce but I’m not sure when it ends.
009 Since I finished watching Heroes the other week I needed a new tv programme to watch. I decided on The Vampire Diaries, I’m half way through season 1 but I’m still not sure about it. I like it but I don’t feel like I really have to watch the next episode as soon as the one I’m watching finishes like I do with Gossip Girl or Greys Anatomy. Know what I mean? Can’t really explain it very well.
What have you been up to this week?


  1. I love Chocolate Oranges! My favourite is the one with popping candy in it haha
    I really want to get some Yankee Candles - I always smell them in shops but never buy them, the cupcake one smells amazing :)

  2. I love that Christmas card! And scented candles are always lovely, especially when its so cold outside. I've bought my parents a cinnamon one for Christmas and I can't wait until we can start using it! x

  3. @Caz, oooh I like the popping candy one too!

    I love them! I always buy the tarts as they're only £1 to try out the scents and once I find one I really like then I buy the bigger candles :) xxx

  4. Yummy chocolate oranges my parents use to put one in the bottom of my stocking as they said they use to only have an apple and an orange i got a choccie orange

  5. @LilyLipstick, haha me too!

    ooooh they'll love it! I've gotten my mum into them now too so our house always smells amazing :) xxx

  6. @Bows and butterflies, you know what, I've never had a stocking! :( xxx

  7. I have a massive chocolate orange craving now.

  8. @Daisychain, haha sorry! There cheap in whsmiths at the moment :) xxx

  9. Hey Katy :D I tagged you in my MAC Tag xxx


  10. Ohhhhh chocolate! Ive been so good but as the christmas season is coming i think i may pig out :) Love the christmas tree! Havent got ours up yet! if you dont mind me asking, how much was your camera?? :)
    www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  11. @Amelia, thanks! I'll get round to doing it soon :) xxx

  12. @Pippa, Not at all, my camera was £500 when I bought it in June. It's currently £480 on the pc world website :)

    hahaa I haven't! The chocolate tree decorations are so nice haha :) xxx


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