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I love perfume and wear it on a daily basis. I used to buy a new perfume every time I went on holiday and I’d always get one for Christmas and my Birthday. Over the past year or two I’ve stopped doing this and am now trying to use a perfume until it runs out. My favourite perfume is Marc Jacobs Daisy which is nearly running out and will have to buy a new one soon! I actually won it on the daisy website :) The next perfume I’m planning on buying is Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb, My mum has a mini bottle which I always use.
I’m not very good with scents so I’ll just put down what the Perfume Shop says.
I keep all my perfumes in this wooden basket from Ikea. I used to have them on display but now keep them out of sunlight to  hopefully make them last longer.

Activist from The Body Shop - Top notes of citrus, and base notes of sandalwood. Oriental in style, and active in approach.
Addiction Wild Ginger from Faberge – Top notes of citrus, middle notes of ginger and base notes of sandalwood.
These are both pass me downs from my mum when she was going through her perfumes. Even though they both have similar notes they are completely different. I have no idea how old the Faberge one is, I know it was launched in 1995 and is discontinued so it could be like 15 years old haha it still smells good though.

Be Delicious from DKNY - Scent of apple with a sophisticated blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods.
Be Delicious Fresh Blossom from DKNY – Top notes of grapefruit, cassis, apricot and base notes of blonde woods.
DNKY Woman from DKNY – Top notes of orange, tomato leaf, vodka, middle notes of daffodil, orchid, water lily and base notes of birch, tulip.
I bought the two apple ones for my holiday to Barcelona this year and the other was bought when I went skiing to Italy with my high school.

Curious from Britney Spears – Top notes of magnolia, pear, lotus flower, middle notes of vanilla musk and base notes or sandalwood, blonde woods.
This is my second bottle and was a Christmas present a year or two ago. This hasn’t got a spray top so I decant this into the silver tube. It’s perfect to throw in your bag as it’s really small, it’s my going out scent for just that reason.

Girligo from Soap and Glory - Scented with a tempting blend of bergamot, peach, strawberry, jasmine, mandarin and musk.
Mist You Madly from Soap and Glory - A flirty, floral, fragrant body spray featuring notes of Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Magnolia, Freesia, Vanilla and Musk.
Glam-a-lot from Soap and Glory - Super sexy, warm, rich, racy and veritably voluptuous fragrant body spray with fresh flowers layered on a Woody, Vanilla Musk base.
I don’t normally like body sprays but these are an exception, even though girligo is really a moisturising spray, it makes you smell lovely. I think I bought these when Boots where having their 3 for 2 offer about a year ago. Can you guess my favourite? I never knew what kind of scents I liked but I guess it’s woody, sandalwood, fruity kind of scents! Anyway I like Glam-a-lot  the best and will be buying a full size once this runs out.

Hypnose from Lancôme – Top notes of flowers, middles notes of vanilla and bottom notes of vetiver.
This is the only perfume I’ve bought a second bottle of so far and I still love it. I bought this second bottle when I was in New York so  brings back memories from the trip.

Nina from Nina Ricci – Top notes of lemon, lime, middle notes of red toffee apple, praline, vanilla and bottom notes of wood accord, white cedar and white musk.
A strange list of scents form the perfume shop website I do have to say but it’s a lovely scent. Another one I bought in New York so brings back all the memories.
Zero Plus Feminine from Diesel - A fresh blend of plum, mandarin, jasmine and geranium with warm undertones of vanilla, tonka bean and musk.
I’m not really a fan of this anymore, I got it for Christmas one year getting it confused with another perfume so basically I got the wrong one. I really want to finish it though as it seems such a waste to throw it away.
Paradise from Next - A light fruity fragrance with white florals and green notes.
I bought this like 3 years ago when I went to Zante but seems like Next have changed the packaging so I’m not too sure if the scent description is right. Another one I’m not really a fan of anymore but am going to try and use it.
Liz Earle No.1 - High-altitude lavender from France, damask rose from Turkey, Italian bergamot and spicy patchouli from Indonesia.
My newest scent and one of my favourites! I’ve only had it just over a month and you can see how much I’ve used already.
Daisy from Marc Jacbos – Top notes of strawberries, middle notes of violet and bottom notes of white woods accord.
This is my spring scent as it goes so well with the season, doesn’t mean that I don’t use it through out the year though!
Ralph from Ralph Lauren – Top notes of tangerine, osmathus, magnolia, blossom, freesia, middle notes of musk, white iris.
I can’t even remember when I bought this perfume, it was a special occasion of holiday or anything, I think I just really wanted it.
Honey I Washed The Kids solid perfume from Lush – smells just like the soap!
This was part of a giveaway prize from Steph and I absolutely love the scent but I always struggle with it being a solid perfume! Anyone have any tips on how to properly use them? I always spray my perfume all over me which I obviously can’t do it with this.
I love to get perfume samples from website so I can throw  them into my bag in case I forget to spray my perfume that morning. They’re also a great way to find new perfumes you wouldn't have normally tried.
I also have Vera Wang Princess which I forgot to photo but I’m actually giving it to my cousin, I’ve really gone off the scent.
What are you favourite perfumes? Any recommendations?

Disclaimer: The Liz Earle perfume was sent for free for review consideration.


  1. love Marc Jacobs daisy and really want Nina Ricci Nina. yummm. My mum always wears the Liz Ealre one and I bought it the other day as one of her xmas pressies ;) xxxx

  2. I have the same perfume from Nina Ricci and I find it strong, yet absolutely sexy. It lasts a loooonnng time too. Love it :X

  3. I love love love Daisy I will treat myself to a bottle when im feeling flush :)

  4. I love your collection. I have Marc Jacobs Daisy and Honey I Washed The Kids solid perfume - they both smell gorgeous! I find that the HIWTK perfume gradually gets stronger but I love the sweetness of it. Mine has gone a bit funny as I think it got a bit warm in my bad but I can still use it. I wish they'd make it as a spray - it would definitely be really popular! xxx

  5. @Amelia, I love them both! Liz Earle is my latest edition and definitely my favourite! A great Christmas present :) xxx

  6. @Birminghamlady, I love it! My lids broken though :( xxx

  7. @Bows and butterflies, I need to buy a new bottle soon, don't want it to run out and not have a back up! :) xxx

  8. @Caz, definitely going to have to get it out and use it, maybe when I'm just being lazy around the house it'll make a good perfume :) xxx

  9. Great post! I just ordered Daisy as a Christmas gift for my mother, she loves it so much!

  10. @Gaby, another great Christmas present! :) xxx


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