Goals For 2011

I loved reading Sofia’s post about her goals for 2011 and looking back over the ones she made this time last year for 2010 so I thought I’d do my own :) I also really liked the fact she’d written posts for a lot of her goals so I’m hoping I’ll do the same as and when I complete them.

my goals for 2011:

♥ Drink 2 litres of water and at least one cup of herbal tea daily
♥ Find a job I love doing
♥ Move out of my parents house
♥ Scratch off at least one place on my scratch map
♥ Reach and maintain my happy weight
♥ Exercise consistently
♥ Take at least one photo every day
♥ Save up some money for rainy days and the future
♥ Learn how to drive

What are your goals for 2011?


  1. These are great goals my lovely :)
    Very manageable- well some of them, My dream is to move out of home but alas, money & my distant spending habits have ruined that for at least another 3 years!
    I hope your 2010 has been good & your enjoy your New Year
    all my loves xxx

  2. i want to lose weight and find a job too! Looks like the weighting problem is on everybody's lists this time of the year! :P

  3. Really lovely post! Those are great goals as well <3 Thinking of doing a post like this :)xo

  4. Lovely post hun, very inspirational, I might do one of these! Happy New Year! xxx

  5. @Steph, I'm trying to spend less and save more, hopefully I'll be able to move out this year even if it's like the last day in december :) xxx

  6. @Birmingham, start as you mean to go on! I resisted chips last night haha hopefully I'll pay off :) xxx

  7. @laura, you should do! I'd love to read it :) xxx

  8. @May, thanks lovely! Definitely do :) xxx

  9. fab post hun ... im sure you'll complete them ALL!!

  10. These are some good goals. I hope you achieve all of them sweetheart.

  11. @Bee, thanks lovely, I hope I do too :) xxx


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