Don’t let the darkness eat you up

001 Currently listening to Jose Gonzalez – Down the line.
002 The other week I downloaded all the 30 day trials for Topaz Labs which is an add-on for Photoshop. I absolutely love it and wish I could afford them all! I think I might see which I like/use the most and buy it. I love playing around with the photos I take and seeing how changing one aspect of it can really alter the feel of the photo. I also really really really want the updated version of Photoshop, I’m not entirely sure what is new but I know I want it. I have version 7.0 at the moment, no idea how old that means it is.
003 The first photo is my dad which I took the other day on the bus. I want to take more portrait photos but natural ones, not posed. Just need to find someone who’ll let me. My parents are a bit bored of me snapping away at them. Can’t remember when I took this passion flower photo but I love them, they look so pretty in my garden! We haven’t yet had any passion fruit but hopefully one day.
004 I’m waiting for so many parcels to arrive! This weather is holding them all up despite not actually having any snow in Liverpool. Still. Once they arrive though I will have finished my Christmas shopping and just have to wrap everything now!


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