Alva Coleur Liquid Lip Gloss In Pale Violet

For this months Mypure blogging parcel I chose two make-up items from Alva, the first I’m reviewing is this lip gloss.

I knew it wouldn’t be a violet colour despite the photo on the Mypure website as I’d read May’s review the other month. It’s more of a rose colour which I usually suit me for everyday but for some reason this shade just didn’t work. I’m not sure if it’s the colour or the shimmer, which ever reason it looks really bad on me. Kim has reviewed this lip gloss this month as well and really likes it, you can see her swatch and review here.

I really like the formula though, it feels really moisturising, easy to apply, far from sticky and is really pigmented. It also has a lovely scent kind of sweet and floral, I  could see some people not liking the scent though.

At £9.70 it’s expensive if you don’t like the shade but if you do then I think it’s worth it.

I’d definitely buy another lip gloss from Alva though, as long as there’s no shimmer. Think I’m going to do a bit of searching the internet and find some swatches of the other shades, lip glosses and lip balms.

Have you tried any of Alva’s lip products before?


Disclaimer: This product was sent for free as part of mypure’s blogging panel


  1. i've never tried anything from alva, this looks pretty and i love that the shimmers are subtle rather than chunky! Fern xo

  2. @Fern, I love shimmery eye shadow and blusher but hate shimmery lip products, at least it isn't chunks of glitter! :) xxx

  3. I love this gloss, I think it looks so pretty. It is a bit shimmery for day time but I think it's perfect for going out in the evening. Thanks for linking me :) xxx

  4. @Kim, no problem! I wish it suited me as I love the consistency of it :) xxx


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