31 December 2010

Happy New Years!

Happy new years everyone! Hope you all had a really good night and enjoyed yourselves immensely. Let me know what you all did!

Last minute plans were to go to a friends house and since I’m scheduling this I’m assuming I had a good time! We had to decide on a cocktail of choice, bring the ingredients and share them. I went with a Moscow Mule which is just vodka, lime and ginger beer. Didn’t want anything too crazy to make and this one is nice and simple. I took my rubbish old digital with me so I might put some of them in a post.

2010 was a pretty crappy year for me and that this time next year I’ll be writing 2011 was the best year yet.



30 December 2010

Goals For 2011

I loved reading Sofia’s post about her goals for 2011 and looking back over the ones she made this time last year for 2010 so I thought I’d do my own :) I also really liked the fact she’d written posts for a lot of her goals so I’m hoping I’ll do the same as and when I complete them.

my goals for 2011:

♥ Drink 2 litres of water and at least one cup of herbal tea daily
♥ Find a job I love doing
♥ Move out of my parents house
♥ Scratch off at least one place on my scratch map
♥ Reach and maintain my happy weight
♥ Exercise consistently
♥ Take at least one photo every day
♥ Save up some money for rainy days and the future
♥ Learn how to drive

What are your goals for 2011?


29 December 2010

NOTD: Eyeko Posh Polish & Barry M Pink Iridescent


28 December 2010

Week In Photos 015

001 This week’s Week in photos post is a bit late as I haven’t been taking any photos! I had planned to take loads of Christmas day too but I was so busy with opening presents, eating copious amounts of food and chocolate and watching The Hills season 3. My cousins and auntie are over for the next few days and will be doing touristy things so I’ll be able to take my camera out with me.

002 Christmas day was great and I got some amazing presents! Didn’t get any beauty things to blog about apart from some Lush from my brother. My mum was given some skin care items including her much loved Kosmea serum which she reviewed a few months ago on here. I’m sure she’ll be back to review them once she’s trialled them out.

003 My main presents were one of my photos blown up really huge and framed as well as a scratch map in a frame. I’ll probably post about them once they’re put up on my wall but you can sort of see them in this third photo.

004 Finally got my room tidied with the help of all the Ikea things I bought the other week. I’m trying to keep it less cluttered which is so hard as I hate throwing things away.

005 I’ve never tried peppermint bark bef0re so I made some minus the dark chocolate as I didn’t have any. It’s SO good! And really easy to make, melt the white chocolate, break up the candy canes, mix together and leave it to cool on something flat.

What have you been up to this week?


25 December 2010


24 December 2010

Barry M Glitter Polish

My mum was having a bedroom clearout and passed me a few bits and bobs along with this old style Barry M polish.

It’s the perfect Christmas colour! Think I’m going to go all out and paint all my nails with it, I usually only do one glitter nail, for Christmas day.

I can’t remember Barry M’s polishes having a square lid, can you? She must have bought it before I’d heard of them. It’s still alright though, it does separate but nothing a good shake can’t fix.

What nail polish are you wearing for Christmas?


23 December 2010

Lovefilm Giveaway

As our house is subscribed to Lovefilm we get like three of these gift cards every Christmas! We’ve had Lovefilm for about 3 or 4 years now and have run out of people to give them to so I thought I’d see if any of my readers wanted them. I have two to give away :)

The gift card will give you two months worth of Lovefilm for free  and you can opt out at the end of the trial if you don’t want to continue. You may have to put in your card details to register but you won’t be charged if you cancel before the 2 months is up. They also have a really good customer service and will be happy to answer any questions. The cards expire 05/05/2011 so you’ve got plenty of time to get them started.

It can’t be used by existing Lovefilm users and even though it doesn’t say on the leaflet I’m assuming it can only be used in the UK.

So if anyone wants one just comment down below with your email address and I’ll send you a quick email asking for your postal address :)


Alva Coleur Liquid Lip Gloss In Pale Violet

For this months Mypure blogging parcel I chose two make-up items from Alva, the first I’m reviewing is this lip gloss.

I knew it wouldn’t be a violet colour despite the photo on the Mypure website as I’d read May’s review the other month. It’s more of a rose colour which I usually suit me for everyday but for some reason this shade just didn’t work. I’m not sure if it’s the colour or the shimmer, which ever reason it looks really bad on me. Kim has reviewed this lip gloss this month as well and really likes it, you can see her swatch and review here.

I really like the formula though, it feels really moisturising, easy to apply, far from sticky and is really pigmented. It also has a lovely scent kind of sweet and floral, I  could see some people not liking the scent though.

At £9.70 it’s expensive if you don’t like the shade but if you do then I think it’s worth it.

I’d definitely buy another lip gloss from Alva though, as long as there’s no shimmer. Think I’m going to do a bit of searching the internet and find some swatches of the other shades, lip glosses and lip balms.

Have you tried any of Alva’s lip products before?


Disclaimer: This product was sent for free as part of mypure’s blogging panel


20 December 2010

The Adventures Of Cat

Who sneakily went into my bedroom, climbed into my wardrobe, sat under my bed and wouldn’t come out, ran upstairs, lay down so I couldn’t move him, moved a few inches before finally going downstairs, sat at the window meowing and finally played in the snow with me.


19 December 2010

Week In Photos 014

001 We finally decorated our tree Monday night. As I said in my last Week In Photos post I don’t actually like decorating the tree, just getting all the decorations out of the boxes and deciding what will be put up, My mum and dad do the actual decorating. I’m thinking of doing a post on the decorating hence no final photo of the tree.

002 At the start of the week we started to get the normal post coming through so most of our parcels arrived. Finally got Lauren Conrad’s third book in the L.A Candy series which I’m about half way through. One of my dads presents from Amazon still hasn’t arrived and with the snow we’ve had this weekend I really hope it get’s here before Christmas. It was dispatched on the 6th so I’m thinking of emailing amazing and asking what the dealio is.

003 Went to Ikea on Thursday, luckily before all the snow and ice. Bought a few bits for my room and the house as well as some photo frames for me for Christmas. I’m getting two of my photos printed out really big as presents so needed some frames for them. Good luck to my mum who has to wrap 100cm x 70cm frames!

004 Jessops has moved into a new shop in town so I decided to have a look at all the cameras and lenses. Finally picked up a uv filter, cleaning cloth and another lens cap after having it for about 6 months.

005 Loved using my Yankee candles this week! Out of the ones I bought I thought there was one I wouldn’t like which is Silver Bells, it’s basically smells of pine, but I actually loved it.

006 Bought some Christmas PJ bottoms, they’re so warm and comfy! They’re like a fleecy material from Primark for only £4, going to see if they have any other colours :)

007 Snow, snow, snow! I was hoping it would snow so much that I wouldn’t have to go into work tomorrow but looks like I’ll be going in and probably slipping over on all the ice while carrying my laptop. Not so fun.

008 Some how, and I have no idea how, I managed to drop the hot chocolate onto the work top, the lid came off and it landed upside down. Had to take a photo cos it was so funny!

009 And from that mess of powder, a lovely hot chocolate, whipped cream and a candy cane. Perfect!

What have you been up to this week?


18 December 2010

Snow Day

Just about to walk to the post office and enjoy the snow :)


12 December 2010

Week In Photos 013

001 First chocolate orange of the Christmas period. Obviously the dark, mint version, it is the best!
002 ECDL as boring as usual! I’m not learning anything but at least I’ll have a qualification that hopefully employers will take notice of. I’m looking for an admin position if you didn’t know. Placement is still mehh but at least they have starbucks-standard hazelnut lattes for only £1.25. That’s for a large too. Also if you didn’t know, which you probably won’t as I don’t think I’ve mentioned it at all, my placement is at a web design and advertising company and I’m basically creating and maintaining the database and contacts for them. I’m not getting paid which is a bummer but at least I’m getting experience for my CV. The good thing about being in the office is that the company is sort of part of a press agency. They’re constantly getting calls about Rebecca Ferguson (x-factor in case you didn’t know) and other celebrities, stories that are going to be in magazines and people who are going to be on this morning or day break, you know those sorts of programmes. Makes my days go by quicker listening in to phone calls haha :)
003 I always seem to post a photo of cat, but he’s so cute! Doesn’t really like the camera but still cute.
004 Finally got our Christmas tree! It’s still undecorated mind, will have to do it soon. I always like the idea of decorating the tree and love taking all the decorations out of their boxes but when it comes to actually doing it, I get kind of bored. Any one else like this?
005 Love getting Christmas cards! I’m not actually sending any out myself this year I don’t think. But if anyone wants me to send them one I may change my mind! Let me know in a comment or send me an email :)
006 I’ve been really into painting my nails this week, think I’ve changed them like every other day. These are the colours I’ve been reaching for.
007 I’ll have some NOTD’s of them all up in the next few weeks.
008 My Yankee candles order arrived!! SO happy with them all. When smelling them in the garden centre near me there are loads I don’t like so I’ve always been weary of ordering online without being able to sniff them first. I also used Fleur’s discount code to get 10% off at http://www.yankeedirect.com/ so I saved myself some pennies. The code is fleurdeforce but I’m not sure when it ends.
009 Since I finished watching Heroes the other week I needed a new tv programme to watch. I decided on The Vampire Diaries, I’m half way through season 1 but I’m still not sure about it. I like it but I don’t feel like I really have to watch the next episode as soon as the one I’m watching finishes like I do with Gossip Girl or Greys Anatomy. Know what I mean? Can’t really explain it very well.
What have you been up to this week?

09 December 2010

Don’t let the darkness eat you up

001 Currently listening to Jose Gonzalez – Down the line.
002 The other week I downloaded all the 30 day trials for Topaz Labs which is an add-on for Photoshop. I absolutely love it and wish I could afford them all! I think I might see which I like/use the most and buy it. I love playing around with the photos I take and seeing how changing one aspect of it can really alter the feel of the photo. I also really really really want the updated version of Photoshop, I’m not entirely sure what is new but I know I want it. I have version 7.0 at the moment, no idea how old that means it is.
003 The first photo is my dad which I took the other day on the bus. I want to take more portrait photos but natural ones, not posed. Just need to find someone who’ll let me. My parents are a bit bored of me snapping away at them. Can’t remember when I took this passion flower photo but I love them, they look so pretty in my garden! We haven’t yet had any passion fruit but hopefully one day.
004 I’m waiting for so many parcels to arrive! This weather is holding them all up despite not actually having any snow in Liverpool. Still. Once they arrive though I will have finished my Christmas shopping and just have to wrap everything now!
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