Winter Essentials: Super Balm

Once the cold weather sets in the super balms come out! I keep the mini tub of Liz Earle’s super balm in my bag for on the go and keep the Botanics one on my bedside table.

These little gem’s are the answer to dry skin problems whether your face is dry, or your hands, knees or elbows it works everywhere. I even use them as lip balms when my lips are really chapped and sore.
These both work exactly the same, the only difference I can tell between them is the price, the Botanics balm is about a third cheaper. Alternatively the mini tub of Liz Earle is a perfect way to try it out first rather than buying the full size.

Do you like super balms? Any recommendations?


  1. Is a "super balm" just a name? Or are they significantly better than normal balms?

  2. @Meowcake, well Botanics and Liz Earle both call them super balms, I haven't tried any that are just called face balm though so I'm not sure sorry! :) xx

  3. I tried that balm and its really nice and luxurious! xxx

  4. @Fern, I love the smell!! :) xx

  5. Aww how I wish I had a Boots where I live! I won Boots Botanics hand & nail cream and love it! That's cool that those balms work on all your body (=

  6. @Gaby, oooh that's annoying! Maybe if you ever do a swap with someone in the UK you could get it :) xxx


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