Week In Photos 011

001 So the  Friday before last me and my parents drove up to Chesterfield to stay at Darwin Forest which is basically like a mini Centre Parks. We go every year sometime around October and November for a long weekend. You know when you take a photo but can’t remember actually taking the photo? Yeah this is what happened with this one but I like it!
002 So the weekend was spent relaxing, having fun and eating a lot of yummy food! We brought these giant cupcakes from Costco which were amazing.
003 These ducks were so funny! As soon as me and my cousins got our cameras out they all came running over. They’re usually swimming about in the river. This was taken by a little shop we always go to which sells a mixture of really nice things like home decorations, book, jewellery and toys. I bought a ring and a reading book :)
004 One of my Aunties bought a ready made pass the parcel which we played one evening. It was like a Easter egg shape and when the music stopped you peeled a layer or ribbon off which revealed either a “joke” or a toy. The toys were really good, mini monopoly money, mini bugs, plastic confetti shapes and other bits and bobs. The final prize was a bit of a let down though haha it was a pencil top monster thing, I think we’re all expecting something a little better than that. It was a good game though.
005 My cousin Ruby with a shell on her nose, part of the pass the parcel prizes. It was her Birthday on Friday and is having a Lush party today. Any ever had one? Happy Birthday Ruby!!
006 Every year we have a dominos contest and then the winner gets a prize. I won two years ago but sadly didn’t this year. It was my cousin Becky who’s wearing the gorgeous Topshop dress.
007 There’s so many animals running about at Darwin! This fat squirrel was just chillin’ outside our cabin.
008 We left Monday morning and then I spent the rest of the day shopping which I haven’t done in such a long time! It was my parents 30th wedding anniversary so they stayed in a luxury apartment for the night in the city centre.
009 Thursday I woke up with a horrible sore throat which then turned into a full blown cold :( I did wake up to this amazing sky though but no snow yet. I think Liverpool’s the only city in the UK which hasn’t had any snow. Have you had snow where you live?
010 My cold has gotten worse and it feels like someone’s stood on my chest and it kills when I breathe and cough meaning I couldn’t make it to the Aussie Market in Leeds yesterday.
What have you been up to this week?


  1. We don't have snow either! It flurried for a little bit one day but melted right away :/ Looks like you had a really fun week. Gorgeous photos! Hope you feel better hun <3 xoxo

  2. @Laura, really hope we get some soon! I keep on seeing everyone's snow pictures, not fair! thank you :) xxx


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