Week In Photos 010

001 On Thursday it was Liverpool’s Long night with lots of different events going on around the city but me and the parents whet to the Catholic Cathedral for the candle lit tour of the crypt. It was actually really disappointing! I expected it be a bit Harry Potter-ish, going around in a little group through all the corridors and rooms. It was actually led by a battery powered candle for “health and safety reasons” and we only went into two rooms and the whole thing lasted about 5 minutes. There were a couple of groups being led round at the same time which ruined the spooky atmosphere.
002 On Friday me and the parents went round the last parts of the Biennial before going to the Egg Cafe for lunch. This was a really good exhibition. It’s in Fact and is a huge room filled with photos of a man who time stamped his work card and took a photo every hour for a year.
003 This was another really good exhibition! The floor was painted and the ceiling was covered in mirrors. We didn’t think much of it until a friend told us to lie down. You then felt like part of the crowd but also like you were about to fall down.
004 Sorry this is such a short Week in photos and is so late! I’m so annoyed right now! I’ve just found out when trying to get this post together that I’ve lost over 200 photos. My memory card was full so I put my photos on my laptop like usual and deleted them off my camera. Turns out half of them didn’t copy and now I’ve lost them! They’re not even one’s I can go out and take again. They’re from my weekend away and from the car journey :( I have no idea what went wrong, I’ve put my photos on my laptop hundreds of times and it’s never gone wrong once.
005 Next week’s post will be better and on time :)


  1. I've heard good things about those exhibitions, I'll have to check them out this week :)
    It's a shame the cathedral tour wasn't that good, I'd love to look around there at night!


  2. I love looking at your pictures of your Week In Photos makes me so excited for christmas as i'm getting a new camera YAY haha xx

  3. @Jessica, better be quick! They end this weekend :) xx

  4. @Abbie, ooooh what camera are you getting? Don't know what I'd do without mine :) xx


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