Week In Photos 009

001 Sorry this wasn’t put up last night! The first time in 9 weeks I’ve missed putting it up on a Sunday. Got in yesterday from a busy day, had tea and then crashed for the night. I will also be putting up my October favourites which is shockingly late, but better late than never. I loved how the sun light hit in this first shot, enhancing all the autumnal colours.
002 I was back home in time for a lovely sun set so how could I not go and grab my camera!
003 I think sun sets/sun rises are one of my favourite things to photograph. I love the silhouettes of the buildings against the bright coloured sky. I’m getting one of my photos printed out really big and put in a frame for Christmas. I’m really excited and hope it looks good!
004 Made some bat cookies which were fun to make but tasted horrible!
005 On Sunday I went round the art galleries which have the Biennial exhibition, I was really disappointed with it though. 2008 was such an amazing Biennial and I guess I was expecting this years to be just as good. There were some pieces I liked, for example this one! I think it was cassette tape floating in the air purely by two fans.
006 And then this dog lantern which the artist took for a walk and asked the public to hug it. There was a little video behind it showing it on it’s walk.
007 I really didn’t understand the meaning on this one, it was a huge pile of hair, the same colours as in this photos, with another window the same as this one. It was meant to represent Liverpool’s history but neither me or my mum could understand it. I really liked the windows though and how they looked like they were on fire.
008 I’m off to do more Biennial seeing on Friday before I head over to Chesterfield for a family get together. Can’t wait to have 4 days of relaxation! My whole family haven’t been together since Christmas! I also hope my brother comes, haven’t seen him since he moved to London the beginning on October.
What have you been up to this week?


  1. Oh I love that 2nd photograph! Definitely desktop background worthy! x


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