Week In Photos 008

001 I made some cupcakes for Halloween. I originally wanted to decorate them as pumpkins, orange icing with black detail but I guess everyone else had the same idea. Asda didn’t have any yellow or red food colouring.
002 So I went for spooky green mint flavoured icing and chocolate sprinkles. They were so yummy! I really need to buy a proper icing set as this little cheap one is too small.
003 Also the last minute trip to Asda meant they had no pumpkins so we had to make do and made one out of a turnip.
004 It worked quite well though!
005 I then spent Friday and Saturday in Leeds for Aussie Bonfire event, I should have a post up sometime this week.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Aw, your turnip pumpkin is so cute! And those cupcakes look yuuuum.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your Aussie post :) xx

  3. LMAO! The turnip... I think it looks quite spooky actually. Those cupcakes look delish num num numm x

  4. @Sarah, haha at least it's a unique pumpkin :) xx

  5. @Steph, Aussie post should be up on Wednesday :)xx

  6. @Abbie, haha when my mum brought it home I was like what the hell! what are we meant to do with this?! :) xx

  7. The turnip's genius idea! The roots look like tufts of hair :')
    Cupcakes look yummy too :)


  8. @Jessica, haha I know right! :) xx


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