Eyeko Graffiti Liners and Line And Shine Reviews

As requested by Tori here’s a little review of Eyeko’s Graffiti eyeliner pen and Line & Shine duo colour eye liner. You can see my swatches here.

I received these in my goodie bag at the Eyeko event I went to last month, if I had bought these myself I wouldn’t have gone for these colours. Wit the Graffiti liner I would have gone for the black and brown which I think I’m going to buy once the brown comes back in stock. With the Line & Shine I would have gone for rock star or super star. Saying that though I really like the blue I was given and have used it a lot on my lower lash line. I really need to buy myself I larger sharpener ASAP!

Even though I don’t really like the colours of the Graffiti liners I have been using them, the application and formula are really good. They are not waterproof, which personally doesn’t matter to me. If it’s raining I’ll have an umbrella up and it’s not like I’ll want the liner to stay put in the shower. The felt pen like tip allows really precise application, you can make a really thin line or thick depending on the look you’re going for. You can see this in my swatches which I linked at the top of this post. The formula is really good too, you don’t have to go over the line a couple of times for the true colour to show which I’ve found I had to do with other liquid liners. These are £5 each which I think is a really good price. You can also buy the black, blue and purple in a set for £10, basically buy two get one free!

The Line & Shine pencils are really creamy and pigmented and are available in three duos. Electric blue & teal, black glitter & silver and electric purple & plum. With my next order I’m going to order the two I haven’t got, I’m really intrigued by the black glitter. These aren’t smudge proof but means you can use them easily as a base under eyeshadow. Saying that, you don’t get too much movement when used on the lash lines. I haven’t used this liner on the waterline yet so can’t say how well they last. If you have, let me know! These are £4 each which is also a good price and are available in a set for £8. Once again buy two get one free.

Have you tried these? What do you think of them?


  1. Great review I may have to invest in the eyeko liners and the line ad shine when I get paid.
    Could you do a FOTD with the blue line ans shine please ?

    Rachelle Xxx

  2. @Behindtheshoes, it won't me a FOTD (skin is too bad) but I'll do an EOTD at the weekend and post it next week. The electric blue or teal? Actually I could do one on one eye and then the other on the other :) xx

  3. Nice colors. Thanks for sharing.



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