Aussie VIP Bonfire Night

Last Friday I attended Aussie’s take the heat party in the City Inn’s amazing Sky Lounge with the lovely May as my guest. This was the perfect location as you can see below. While getting ready and during the evening we were able to see all the fireworks going off from the 13th floor.

We were greeted with a glass of champagne and the ever so lovely Aussie staff and began mingling. It was great to finally meet everyone!

During the night we were surprised with these fabulous dancers on the balcony. I know dancing with a ribbon has a name but I can’t for the life of me remember what it is. Anyone know?

The little mini canapés were divine! The girls handing them out kept leaving the full trays on our table for us to eat, they could probably tell how hungry we all were! haha :)

And now for the obligatory hotel room shots, I always take photos of the rooms I stay in, anyone else do that? Free internet and being able to watch TV on the IMac kept me entertained when I woke up. Too early may I add, I’m so used to getting up at 7 each morning I couldn’t sleep in.

As always I took home the bathroom goodies :)

The perfect breakfast, an (expensive) knickerbockerglory via room service. It was amazing! Vanilla ice cream, peaches, chantilly cream and raspberries.

There was also a challenge on the night for the one with the best hair. I chose my usual Barnet of curly-ness which I do whenever I go out and never once thought I would win. But I amazingly did! I couldn’t believe it and got to take home this fabulous goodie bag. I’ve wanted a proper conical wand for ages! I also received a spa voucher for Waterfall Spa which I’m so excited for! I’ve never been to a spa before, have you?

I had such a great night so a big thank you to the Aussie girls for hosting the night and putting it all together! And to finally get to meet May and all the other wonderful girls. Hope to see everyone again soon!
Even though I don’t think I’m going to have a stall at the bloggers market I think I’m going to pop a long and see what everyone’s done. Are you having a stall or going along for the fun? I’d love to know :)


  1. You got some really fab pictures hun! Thanks so much for letting me tag along with you it was so good to finally meet you and the other girls, I had such a good time. You were a very deserving winner on the night! xxx

  2. That looked like a fabulous evening! The dancers looked amazing. Congratulations on winning the hair challenge :D xxx

  3. I always take photos of hotel rooms haha, yours looks really lovely!
    Oooooh that breakfast looks so yummy! xx

  4. @May, it was such a great night! Glad you could come! I still don't think so haha :) xx

  5. @Kim, it was such a great touch! :) xx

  6. @Abbie, it was!! haha glad someone else does :) xx


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