03 November 2010

Alouette uette uette

Cardigan: George at Asda, Dress: Primark, Tights: Unknown.
001 Just a quick outfit post from what I wore on Saturday :) It was a day stuck in the house tidying and getting my bedroom sorted.
002 I’m so happy it’s November! The weekend of the 20th I’m off to Chesterfield for a family get-together which we do every year. We usually go for Bonfire night (or the weekend depending when Bonfire night falls) and the place we stay at( think centre parks but smaller) have an amazing fireworks display and a huge bonfire. It’s always such a great weekend.
003 I’m off to Leeds on Friday for Aussie’s bonfire night event which should be fun! Even though I’ve been to Leeds festival 3 times I’ve never actually been to Leeds before. Apart from when our tent flooded in ‘08 and we stayed in a B&B for one night to dry all our clothes and sleeping bags. Are you going on Friday?
004 I feel like I’ve repeated so many words in this blog post!  I’ve said Bonfire night 4 times and Leeds 4 times haha sorry!


  1. Love your outfit very cute and autumnal

  2. I really like that cardi, your outfit is really cute : )

  3. Gorgeous dress! Hope you have a fab bonfire night :) x

  4. I like your dress. The primark ones never seem to fit me properly :(

  5. @Abbie, I haven't worn it for such a long time, I also have it in blue :) xx

  6. @Bows and butterflies, Thank you! I didn't think of it being an autumnal outfit when I picked everything out but works very well :) xx

  7. @Alexandra, thanks! It's an oldie from Asda which I wore for the first time :) xx

  8. @Lilylipstick, thanks! It was a great night :) xx

  9. @UneTasse, I find with Primark you can't always get your normal size, I have clothes that are 2 sizes too small and 2 sizes too big but they fit perfectly. I also can't buy trousers from Primark, they just don't fit me properly :) xx


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