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[A’kin] Sandalwood And Sweet Orange Invigorating Body Scrub

This is the second product from this months blogging parcel and I love it. It’s a gel based scrub with beads of natural diatomaceous earth to banish any areas of dry skin. You simply massage it all over the body until it lathers and then rinse away. It is perfect for everyday use and for those with sensitive skin, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling irritated. It smells amazing! Of sandalwood and sweet orange which really reminds me of Liz Earle products. I was a bit concerned with the packaging, I haven’t had a body scrub in a tube before I knew other bloggers had problems with getting the product out of the tube of the Lovea scrub but none where had with this one. I will be purchasing this myself sometime, I just have to get through all the other scrubs I have! At £11.99 for 200ml it isn’t particularly cheap but I think it’s worth it.
You can read more about it here.
Disclaimer: This was sent for free as part of mypures blogging panel.

Naked Boost Hair Treatment

The first thing you notice about this product is the size, it’s huge! It’s £8 which I think is such great value as it’s going to last you a long time. Looking on the website, my tub looks different so I’m not sure if they’ve changed the packaging. If anyone knows, let me know and I’ll edit this little bit :)
As I haven’t had my hair properly cut in a very (very) long time so the ends of my hair are quite dry, I’m always on the look out for products that will help with this. I only wash my hair once a week, (my hair has gotten used to this really quickly and has improved the condition of my hair dramatically, it also helps that my hair doesn’t get greasy) so I used this once or twice a month. If you wash your hair more often than me you’d probably use this more often too. I shampoo normally then keep this in my hair for 5 minutes, replacing my usual conditioner, and rinse. I keep it in longer if I’ve used heat on my hair that week. 
Once I’ve washed it out my hair feels so much softe…

Week In Photos 011

001 So the  Friday before last me and my parents drove up to Chesterfield to stay at Darwin Forest which is basically like a mini Centre Parks. We go every year sometime around October and November for a long weekend. You know when you take a photo but can’t remember actually taking the photo? Yeah this is what happened with this one but I like it!
002 So the weekend was spent relaxing, having fun and eating a lot of yummy food! We brought these giant cupcakes from Costco which were amazing.
003 These ducks were so funny! As soon as me and my cousins got our cameras out they all came running over. They’re usually swimming about in the river. This was taken by a little shop we always go to which sells a mixture of really nice things like home decorations, book, jewellery and toys. I bought a ring and a reading book :)
004 One of my Aunties bought a ready made pass the parcel which we played one evening. It was like a Easter egg shape and when the music stopped you peeled a layer or r…

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter

I’ve had this little tub of Moringa Body Butter sitting unloved for such a long time. I find body butters to be too heavy so instead of throwing it away I always try to find an alternative use. I’ve been using it as a foot cream instead which it’s perfect for. Despite it being too heavy for my body it soaks in effortlessly on my feet, gets rid of any dry bits and gives you lovely smooth skin.
The Body Shop describes this as a”delicate floral fragrance”. Well it certainly isn’t delicate! It’s a really strong floral scent but once that I really like.
When I bought this I also got a tub of body scrub in the same scent which I used up immediately but for some reason never repurchased. That must have been the early beauty blogger in me, always wanting to try new products.
Do you like The Body Shops body butters?

Week In Photos 010

001 On Thursday it was Liverpool’s Long night with lots of different events going on around the city but me and the parents whet to the Catholic Cathedral for the candle lit tour of the crypt. It was actually really disappointing! I expected it be a bit Harry Potter-ish, going around in a little group through all the corridors and rooms. It was actually led by a battery powered candle for “health and safety reasons” and we only went into two rooms and the whole thing lasted about 5 minutes. There were a couple of groups being led round at the same time which ruined the spooky atmosphere.
002 On Friday me and the parents went round the last parts of the Biennial before going to the Egg Cafe for lunch. This was a really good exhibition. It’s in Fact and is a huge room filled with photos of a man who time stamped his work card and took a photo every hour for a year.
003 This was another really good exhibition! The floor was painted and the ceiling was covered in mirrors. We didn’t thin…

Be back soon! :)

I’m away this weekend with family at our yearly hideout, Darwin Forest. I’m planning on taking some photos today then writing up blog posts over the weekend if there is internet in the cabins. Otherwise Week In Photos will have to be on Monday again this week.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)

Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion

This is my current moisturiser and one I’m loving, I even have a second tube for when I run out. For some reason the eczema on my legs flares up during autumn and winter so I prefer this lotion to the daily one (I’ll be writing a review shortly). This helps to relieve itching a lot which is perfect! I also find that this lasts a long time on the skin, I will apply it before bed and then the next evening I can still feel it on my skin. This moisturiser doesn’t have a particularly strong scent so won’t effect your perfume.

Have you tried any of the Aveeno moisturisers? What did you think?

Disclaimer: I have been accepted on to the AVEENO Discoverer Programme, helping to spread the word about AVEENO products. I get send free AVEENO samples and have the possibility of being rewarded with additional benefits.

October Favourites

Late as usual, I'm so sorry! I still haven’t gotten into a good routine for my blog, it doesn’t help that it gets so dark early which means I have to take photos for posts on the weekend and then schedule them through out the week.
Anyway lets get onto my favourites, a very quick post with a teeny bit of writing. I have more in-depth posts about a few of these products so they will be linked :)

Aveeno skin relief moisturising lotion – a review post is scheduled for Thursday so I’ll update this and put the link here. It’s a great moisturiser and really helps to keep my eczema at bay.

Liz Earle No.1 Perfume – I’ve actually used about 1/3 of this already and I’ve only had it for about a month. I love it and you can read my post on it here. I’ve actually stopped using it for the moment so I don’t run out of it too quickly! I have a few perfumes I want to finish up. If anyone wants a perfume collection post just ask"!

Super Balm – As stated in my Winter Essentials post I can’t li…

Week In Photos 009

001 Sorry this wasn’t put up last night! The first time in 9 weeks I’ve missed putting it up on a Sunday. Got in yesterday from a busy day, had tea and then crashed for the night. I will also be putting up my October favourites which is shockingly late, but better late than never. I loved how the sun light hit in this first shot, enhancing all the autumnal colours.
002 I was back home in time for a lovely sun set so how could I not go and grab my camera!
003 I think sun sets/sun rises are one of my favourite things to photograph. I love the silhouettes of the buildings against the bright coloured sky. I’m getting one of my photos printed out really big and put in a frame for Christmas. I’m really excited and hope it looks good!
004 Made some bat cookies which were fun to make but tasted horrible!
005 On Sunday I went round the art galleries which have the Biennial exhibition, I was really disappointed with it though. 2008 was such an amazing Biennial and I guess I was expecting thi…

Winter Essentials: Super Balm

Once the cold weather sets in the super balms come out! I keep the mini tub of Liz Earle’s super balm in my bag for on the go and keep the Botanics one on my bedside table.

These little gem’s are the answer to dry skin problems whether your face is dry, or your hands, knees or elbows it works everywhere. I even use them as lip balms when my lips are really chapped and sore.
These both work exactly the same, the only difference I can tell between them is the price, the Botanics balm is about a third cheaper. Alternatively the mini tub of Liz Earle is a perfect way to try it out first rather than buying the full size.

Do you like super balms? Any recommendations?

Alva Naturkosmetik Hand Cream

Despite already having quite a few hand creams on the go I chose this one as part of this months blogging parcel for Mypure, I’m always on the look out for the perfect hand cream.

As soon as I smelt it I knew it reminded me of another product I’ve had in the past, and my silly brain didn’t click on that it was tea tree (it was The Body Shops tea tree moisturiser I used to use), that is how bad I am at scents. It always takes me ages to think of what it reminds me off and I usually go and ask my mum what she thinks it smells like before writing a review.

I really like the smell of tea tree but I automatically think of spot treatments when I smell it. At first I wasn’t sure I liked it for a hand cream, it just seemed a little weird.

Despite being unsure about the smell I’ve been using it religiously and have been grabbing it out my bag as soon as my hands feel a little bit dry. It’s a lovely hand cream and soaks into the skin straight away.
I’d definitely buy it myself despite the s…

Winter Essentials: Lip Balm

Lip balm is my number one winter essential, it is a must as I permanently have dry lips.
Dry lips + lipstick = not so good! I have a lot of lip balms but here are my favourites excluding Benefit’s feel good which I forgot to photograph. Forgetting to photograph products  seems like it’ll be a new trend when writing winter essential posts.

What are you favourite lip balms? Got any recommendations?

Aussie VIP Bonfire Night

Last Friday I attended Aussie’s take the heat party in the City Inn’s amazing Sky Lounge with the lovely May as my guest. This was the perfect location as you can see below. While getting ready and during the evening we were able to see all the fireworks going off from the 13th floor.

We were greeted with a glass of champagne and the ever so lovely Aussie staff and began mingling. It was great to finally meet everyone!

During the night we were surprised with these fabulous dancers on the balcony. I know dancing with a ribbon has a name but I can’t for the life of me remember what it is. Anyone know?

The little mini canapés were divine! The girls handing them out kept leaving the full trays on our table for us to eat, they could probably tell how hungry we all were! haha :)

And now for the obligatory hotel room shots, I always take photos of the rooms I stay in, anyone else do that? Free internet and being able to watch TV on the IMac kept me entertained when I woke up. Too early may …

Eyeko Graffiti Liners and Line And Shine Reviews

As requested by Tori here’s a little review of Eyeko’s Graffiti eyeliner pen and Line & Shine duo colour eye liner. You can see my swatches here.

I received these in my goodie bag at the Eyeko event I went to last month, if I had bought these myself I wouldn’t have gone for these colours. Wit the Graffiti liner I would have gone for the black and brown which I think I’m going to buy once the brown comes back in stock. With the Line & Shine I would have gone for rock star or super star. Saying that though I really like the blue I was given and have used it a lot on my lower lash line. I really need to buy myself I larger sharpener ASAP!

Even though I don’t really like the colours of the Graffiti liners I have been using them, the application and formula are really good. They are not waterproof, which personally doesn’t matter to me. If it’s raining I’ll have an umbrella up and it’s not like I’ll want the liner to stay put in the shower. The felt pen like tip allows really preci…

Eyeko Graffiti Liners & Line And Shine Swatches

Just a quick little post for swatches of Eyeko’s graffiti liner & line and shine as requested.

Graffiti liner in navy blue, graffiti liner in purple, line and shine in pop star. Hope you’re all doing well! Have you tried these eye liners? Do you prefer pencil, liquid or gel?

Week In Photos 008

001 I made some cupcakes for Halloween. I originally wanted to decorate them as pumpkins, orange icing with black detail but I guess everyone else had the same idea. Asda didn’t have any yellow or red food colouring.
002 So I went for spooky green mint flavoured icing and chocolate sprinkles. They were so yummy! I really need to buy a proper icing set as this little cheap one is too small.
003 Also the last minute trip to Asda meant they had no pumpkins so we had to make do and made one out of a turnip.
004 It worked quite well though!
005 I then spent Friday and Saturday in Leeds for Aussie Bonfire event, I should have a post up sometime this week.

What have you been up to this week?