Week in photos 007

001 I’ve been sorting out my wardrobe and have taken Lauren Conrad’s tip to put all the clothes you don’t wear but don’t want to throw away and put in under your bed. In 6 months (or however long you choose) if I haven’t wanted to wear or thought about the clothes then I’ll donate them. Hopefully this will create a good dent in my bulging wardrobe.
002 I’ve been cooking a lot this week, again from my new Quorn cookbook. Some have been amazing, others not so much, but I love trying new meals.
003 My little furry friend has been round a lot this week and has been exploring the house.
004 He doesn’t really like the camera though.
005 Also from reading Lauren’s book I’ve been inspired to try and wear more of my clothes rather than sticking with the same comfy outfits. It’s also been surprisingly warm this week so I haven’t had to think of outfits which will keep me warm.
What have you been up to this week?


  1. Love your dress & tights & your closet looks so nice & neat!

  2. I can't wait to get the Lauren Conrad style book, currently making my way through L.A Candy at rapid speed ^_^
    Love the pattern on the dress/skirt in the last photo too!


  3. @Tori, me too! I haven't worn this dress for such a long time! haha my closet looks neat cos half the clothes where on the floor!! :) xxx

  4. @Jessica, I love the L.A Candy series, I really need to get the 3rd one. It's a dress, nice and cheap from primark :) xxx

  5. Loving the look of that outfit hun :)
    I'm very good (some may say) with my wardobe, if I dont wear it, it has to go!
    cute furry friend

  6. @Steph, I'm so bad with my wardrobe! I always think but I might wear it sometime even though I know I never will, I've got clothes I've had for like 6 months and still have tags on. All this will change though! I'm only buying clothes I know I will wear :) xx

  7. I love your cat :) I really need a good wardrobe sort out!

  8. @Caz, I wish he was my cat :) He's my neighbours but always sneaks into our house. I always try to do one before summer then before winter but I never end up giving anything away, I always find a reason to keep everything haha :) xxx

  9. aw kitty! my cat's a camera whore.

  10. @daisychain, haha this one's a bit camera shy :) xx

  11. This is cool & went to camden everyday this weekend :D, fright night at thorpe park, lazy days, shopping, westfield, central london & seeing friends this half term :D

  12. @Amelia, sounds like you had a busy week but a good one! I miss half term :) xxx


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