Week in photos 006

001 My brother left his microwave at ours when he moved down to London and after reading Lilly’s week in photos post I just had to try a 5 minute mug cake …
002 … I wasn’t that impressed and won’t be making another. Do you like them?
003 A lovely surprise package came from Aussie, really cheered me up! I used the hair products on Friday and love them. So who’s going to the Bonfire night party??
004 Got my bottle of moisturiser for the Aveeno skin relief trial.
005 I’ve been reading a lot this week too and am currently reading Lauren Conrad’s Style book which you can see a bit more about here and Charlie St. Cloud in preparation for the movie. I also finished Lauren’s Sweet Little Liars and am waiting for the next book to arrive.
What have you been doing this week?


  1. I've always wanted to try a 5 minute mug cake but am too scared of making a horrible mess! I've heard mixed thoughts as to how good they are so maybe will give it a miss...x

  2. The pictures are a lot better! Wheyyyy! No lag on this post!

  3. Your pics work in Google Reader now :) I tried microwave cake once but it tasted plop!

  4. @LilyLipstick, I though it was going to rise so much it would go over the top of the mug but luckily it didn't. It might depend on the recipe maybe? I might try a different one sometime :) xx

  5. @Meowcake, yay! So glad it's sorted :) xx

  6. @Une Tasse, so glad! I know I was a bit disappointed :( xx


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