Visiting London town

This past weekend I went down to London for the Eyeko event which you can read about here.
Here's some photos from my trip, on the Sunday I visited the Natural History Museum. I loved the building and feels like I'm standing in the set of Night at the museum. I will never go again at the weekend, it was crazy full! You literally could not walk more than one step in the dinosaur part, and so many kids running about, nightmare.
  Have you been to the Natural History Museum?


  1. Amazing pictures hun!! I love that one of the dinosaur skeleton where the shadow is thrown up on the wall behind it!! :)

  2. @Ms Wedgie, Thank you :) Me too! The lighting was so well done in the dinosaur bit :) xx

  3. Great pictures! I went on a school trip back in little school. But we were only allowed in one section! :( x

  4. @Olivia, ooh I would have loved it as a child! Maybe because it's so big you were only allowed in one bit? :) xx


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