Perfect nails for winter ]

I’ve been wanting the Limited Edition Boots polish from Barry M for such a long time! It’s such a lovely colour and perfect for nails and toes. Even though it’s quite a summery colour I think it’s perfect when you want to add a bit of colour to an outfit during winter. One coat and it appears more pink, two coats and it’s more purple. I love the gold lid as well.
As the nail paints were 2 for £5 I couldn’t leave with just one could I!?! Navy (292) is the perfect winter colour and I can see me wearing it a lot. It’s got a gorgeous bright blue shimmer to it which you can just about see in the photo.
Have you picked up the Boots polish?


  1. I have the limited editon one too. However I haven't got around to using it yet. Could you do a NOTD with the navy please ?

    Rachelle X

  2. @Behindtheshoes, I certainly will! I'll probably post it Monday so keep an eye out :) xx

  3. I love the purple limited ed polish, it's so pretty! xx

  4. I haven't used my Limited Edition just yet, I spied it when looking for Dusky Mauve and couldn't resist. Navy was my go-to colour last Winter, love it :)
    Have you tried the new Indigo yet? It's gorgeous!

    Jess xx

  5. @Jessica, oh no I haven't, will have to pick it up when I get the nail effects one, thanks! :) xx

  6. @Tori, they should sell Barry M in America so you can buy it :( xx


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