Partying with Eyeko

To celebrate Eyeko’s 10th Birthday bloggers and ambassadors were invited down to London’s Wenlock and Essex bar.

Before entering we signed a huge canvas bored with fab drawings, can you spot your signature? :) I love these kind of things, me and my friends always have them at parties, really great keep sakes!
We were then handed some lovely cocktails while we had a natter and for everyone to arrive. Light up dance floor +mirrored ceiling +neon lights =perfect party room.

So many Eyeko products were scattered around the room, it was like a kid in a candy store! I was really pleased to see the new lip gloss tubes as I hadn’t seen any swatches yet but wanted to see them in person before buying.

We also got the change to speak to Nina, the co-founder of Eyeko, and have a look at some brand new products, including blushers, fat balms and lip pencils. So excited for the fat balms, I have 3 of the old ones and can’t wait for the new colours and scents. Toffee and cupcake! The lip pencils look great too, they’re a mix of a lipstick and gloss in pencil form, and the best part, no need for a sharpener! They twist up, perfect :) I didn’t take any photos but Kim has some great photos in her Eyeko post so check them out.

There were lovely ladies offering hair, make-up and manicures but I didn’t get time to have my nails painted despite leaving them bare for this specific reason. Even though we were there for a good few hours time seemed to fly by and all of a sudden it was time to hop back on the tube. I also never got to speak to a lot of people for this reason as well.

During the night we used the graffiti liners to draw on each other and the best design won a signed Spice Girls CD. Alex came up with a great idea which you see the beginnings of in the photos below.

We were given a lovely goodie bag which I shared with my cousins, I’m sure the products I kept will pop up on my blog when I have a good chance to test them out.
I had such a great time at the event, thanks for inviting me Eyeko! It was also lovely to get down to London, I haven't been for a year or so and be able to catch up with my family down there.
What Eyeko products do you love?


  1. You've got some great photos!! It really was a brilliant night, such a shame I didn't get to meet you xx

  2. @Kim, Thanks :) I know! Next time, definitely! :) xx

  3. Great pictures,I really can't wait for the fat balms!

  4. I can see my name on the board!!!! Great photos btw!!! and a excellent post :)
    Angela xoxo

  5. @jolly beachang, yay!!Thanks :) xx

  6. Looks like it was an amazing time! ♥
    I can't wait to see the products you kept & looking forward to your reviews as always :)

  7. @Tori, I'll have a post up of what I kept sometime this week :) xxx

  8. Hello blonde me! Didn't even know this photo existed!


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