Lush Happy Blooming bath melt

For me this bath melt reminds me a lot of Lush’s Christmas star melt, not the scent which is totally different, but the way it leaves my skin.
Once  it dissolves into the water completely it leaves behind lovely pink, soft, moisturising and scented water. My skin is left feeling really soft when I get out the bath. This melt is made up of 50% calamine powder which soothes skin, perfect for when my eczema's gone away but my skins feeling a bit irritated still.
I love the smell! Delicious cherries mixed with sweet passion fruit, perfect!
As you can see the bath melt is split into three so you get more baths out of what you paid for.


  1. Oh you got a lot of Lush products! Is it cheap there? Well, here in our country it's so expensivo! I don't think I'll buy it myself.

    Please visit my page and hope you'll follow too! :)

  2. @Simply effortless, They are expensive if you constantly buy them and that's all you use but for a treat every once in a while I don't think they're expensive.

    Lush is a British brand so it'll be cheapest here :) xx

  3. Lush is pretty expensive in Belgium too, but I think it's worth it. I really want to try this one, I think I'm picking it up at my next visit! I love how you get 3 uses out of it (:

  4. @Snooze, Some products are way too expensive like some of the moisturisers but I think all the bath/shower products are great :) xx

  5. Thanks for the review- been eyeing this up for AGES :) xxx

  6. Oh i love lush xxx

  7. Ive never tried lush stuff before Im not a bath person but cherries sounds amazing! I also have eczema but it's sort of going away so maybe i'll give this a go! xx

  8. @Cowbiscuits, I love anything that smells of cherries! If your eczema flares up be careful with Lush products as it irritates mine sometimes :) xx


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