Eyeko galore +

These are the products I kept from my goodie bag and from the tables at the event. I was given some products I already had so I passed them onto my cousins as they hadn’t tried Eyeko before.
Tinted cream and the original version, Military polish, Magic mascara, Lip gloss tubes in Mayfair and Portobello, Line and shine pencil in Pop star and finally Graffiti eyeliner pen in purple and navy.
If you want any information or reviews on any of these products let me know in a comment and I’ll get a post written for you :)
You can use my ambassador code, E4345, at the checkout to receive a free gift on orders over £10/$15. At the moment the free gift is rain polish :)
What products do you love from Eyeko?


  1. Wow I'm jealous :D
    I'm most interested in the military polish since I haven't seen any bloggers swatch it yet, or the line and shine pencil.
    Atm my fav products I have off Eyeko are the polishes, I'm even wearing the Vintage polish right now XD
    I won an Eyeko competition on facebook too and they're sending me some goodies, can't wait to see what I get :)

  2. @SkellyBones, I'll get a NOTD and swatches of the eyeliner up for you this week so keep an eye out :)

    ooooh I wonder what you'll get! Make sure you blog about them :) xx

  3. Looks like you had fun at the event. I am so gutted I couldn't go or get the chance to meet you, Kim and Leanne.

    Rachelle X

  4. @Behindtheshoes, aww it's a shame you couldn't go! Would have loved to meet you :) Hopefully at another event or some sort of meet up shall have to be arranged :) xx

  5. Lovely haul! ♥
    I was wondering though~ is Eyeko cream like BB cream?

  6. I'm jealous - I want some Eyeko goodies!


  7. @Tori, T'm going to say no even though I haven't really read much on BB creams nor have I tried one before. It's more of a highlighter whereas a bb cream is a base :) xx

  8. @Amy, get some of their polishes! :)xx

  9. these look adorable! I'm a sucker for cute packaging!


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