Aveeno Oil

This was one of the products I bought with my Birthday vouchers for Boots. I’ve really been into trying Aveeno products lately and this is one that I’ve fallen in love with. I’ve just bought the shower gel from Aveeno and actually prefer this.

As you can see by reading the instructions it can be used two ways and I really like both. As bath oil I don’t measure it out first I just roughly pour in 30ml, swirl it about in the water and jump in. Using it this way gives you a really relaxing and moisturising bath and doesn’t irritate my skin like some bubble baths can do.
When using it as a shower gel you rub the oil into your skin then watch it emulsify when it touches water. Obviously as it it an oil you won’t find it lathers but this personally doesn’t both me.
Have you tired this bath oil?


  1. I loved this, thanks for sharing. I never tried it, but I will ;)
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  2. I've not tried this but love a lot of the other aveeno products, i will keep a look out for this one x

  3. @Nicoletta, what products have you used? I really like their moisturisers :) xx


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