Alva Naturkosmetik Salva Derm Cream

A bit of background information about this cream taken from the Mypure website:
Alva's fragrance free Salve-Derm has a unique dual action formula to harness the power of micro silver that works hard to inhibit infections and to soothe the skin, quickly relieving inflammation, severe itching and the urge to scratch. Wellmune strengthens and sustains the immune system, boosting skin regeneration whilst helping to mitigate new attacks. Vitamin E protects sensitive skin from free radicals, aloe vera soothes and promotes healing, jojoba oil and shea butter offer effective and natural moisture.
I chose this as one of my products from this months blogging parcel as the eczema on my legs always seems to get worse at this time of year, mainly the backs of my knees. I currently use a steroid cream prescribed by the doctor but obviously this has side effects so I was hoping this would be an alternative.
I haven’t seen much improvement yet but I have only been using it for about two weeks. It definitely hasn’t made my eczema any worse or irritated my skin which is always a major bonus. 
I have some eczema pj’s which contain micro silver, I don’t think it really does anything but I still think it’s interesting and weird.
I’m going to use it religiously write a follow up review once I’ve finished the cream as a bit of an update. I’m hoping that it could just take a bit longer for the cream to start working.
At just over £18 it isn’t cheap but for anyone who suffers from eczema knows you will do anything for it go away :)
You can read more about this cream here.
Disclaimer: This was sent for free as part of Mypure blogging parcel.


  1. Hi Katy,

    Thanks for writing this. Have you had any further success? I'm considering buying the product but keen to find some reviews first - also, what kind of consistency is the cream?

    Hoping your eczema is much better now!

  2. @Reda, It's quite a thin cream, with tiny particles in it which are the silver, you can't feel them though when you rub it into your skin.

    It has really helped with the itching but doesn't get rid of the eczema as quickly as creams from the doctors have.

    I'm still undecided whether I'm going to buy it once it runs out.

    My eczema is much better thanks! On my legs it's currently gone but my hands are still quite bad obviously the cold weather isn't helping one bit!

    Hope this was sort of useful and sorry I can't give a better answer! Sometimes you don't think a product is good until you stop using it and then realise how much it was actually helping :) xxx


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