Week in photos 003

001 Discovered how nice mint Oreo McFlurrys are.
002 Took many trips to Taskers and B&Q to buy paint samples, still couldn’t find the perfect colour!
003 Goodbye pink walls …
004 Clothes are currently scattered around the front room,
005 And I’m living in my brothers old room.
006 Wish I didn’t have curtains, they block out so much light.
007 ASOS order came but had to send one top back as the left elbow patch was on the front. I love this jumper though with a rose gold zip, thinking of buying the other two colours.
008 Aussie style bible arrived, so exciting to see everyone in it.
009 Still playing round with my camera, don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it!
010 Hello white walls!
011 Have fallen back in love with Lush baths,
012 And writing reviews on the products.
013 Loving apple juice, it reminds me of holidays at Monkton Wyld which I miss so much. I really want to permanently live here and am thinking of volunteering sometime next year :) 
What have you been doing this week? Had a good weekend?


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