Sugar scrubs for all!

Ever since I got these Lush sugar scrubs I’ve tried to get them to work for me, as a whole, as powder, mixed with shower gel, mixed with lotion, as a paste and nothing has worked.

Instead of throwing them away I’ve decided to share them with you :)

If you’ve wanted to try them but not sure if they will work for you or if you’ll like the scent I’ll be giving out samples for free.

I have Fairy Tale (from last years Christmas collection), Sugar scrub and Sugar babe.

I have 1 sugar scrub samples, 2 sugar babe samples and 1 fairy tale samples left.

Let me know in the comments or email me, if you want a sample :)

Sorry forgot to say, this is just for UK'ers :)


  1. Yes please,I would love a sample Katy. I have no preference out of the 3.



  2. I was wondering if I could have a sample of either fairy tale or sugar babe if that's okay, thanks x

  3. OOO I would love a sample of any...will do a review of it if im lucky

  4. @everyone, I'll be posting the samples today, sorry for the delay! :) xx

  5. woop woop thanks so much katy xxx


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