Lush Twilight ballistic

This Twilight ballistic smells of lavender and ovaltine which is perfect as winter is setting in. Also great if your having trouble sleeping as it really relaxes you.

Once the pink outside layer cracks open blue bubbles start appearing which reminds me of a shooting star. Especially when the ballistic started spinning which you can see in the video below. I couldn’t capture the silver glitter/shimmer on camera as it’s so fine but it looks lovely in the water. It doesn’t stick to your skin though.

With these two photos below you can kind of the see the pink part of the ballistic foaming instead of fizzing away. This means this part will take longer to disappear than the blue.

I love this ballistic, and not just because of the name! I’ll definitely be buying it again.
Here’s just a quick little video of the ballistic spinning round in the water. I’ve never had a ballistic do this before.
There’s no sound so just play your own :)

Have you tried this one before? What did you think?


  1. Never try this one.. but pink color soo cute!!!

  2. @Ipehisphere, it's really nice! Definitely try it :) xxx

  3. great post!!! I love how you show how it reacts and looks in the tub! does "ovaltine" smell like? Cuz when I think of that name, I think of Ovaltine chocolate, does it smell like chocolate?

  4. @Leah, thanks! I don't normally take photos of them in the bath but I think I'm going to carry on! I'm really enjoying it :)

    Ovaltine/malt smells like the middle of malteasers :) Also like horlicks the drink xxx

  5. Katy (beautiful girly)

    I love your reviews, your picture quality and girl i say it so many times but im gonna say it again- you tried it and gave a good review so in the forseeable future this will be in my posession ;) xxxx

    xoxo stay fabulous

  6. haha I love your comments Amelia!! Always so kind :) xx


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