18 September 2010

Lush time +

I haven't made a Lush order in what seems like forever! I think it was around Valentines day, crazy long time!
I ordered some of the things I haven’t tried before and am so excited to use them. Lush baths are always the best baths. I’m especially looking forward to using the cherry bath melt as they’re always so moisturising.

As you can see the bottom left ballistic had a bit of an accident! I picked it up out the box and the pink layer crumbled in my hands. The lovely people of Lush have sent me a replacement Twilight though :)
The soaps are the samples I received, there’s definitely a couple I’m going to be buying soon.
Once I’ve used them all I’ll be writing up reviews so keep a look out if you’re interested.
What have you ordered from Lush recently?


  1. mm these all look yummy!i need to make a lush order soon(:

  2. That's some awesome stuff you bought there!

  3. Ooh, lovely goodies! I haven't bought Lush in SO long..i miss it :/ lol xo

  4. Lush stuff always looks like dessert, haha~! ♥

  5. They sound really nice, but do they irritate your skin? I have execema (or however you spell it). I'd like to get some lush stuff.

  6. @Irene, I know they all look too nice to use :) xxx

  7. @Snooe, I know I can't wait to use them all :) xxx

  8. @Laura, I haven't bought it for months! I've been trying to use up everything else I have which is now running low so it seemed perfect to place a Lush order :) xxx

  9. @Tori, haha almost good enough to eat ... almost! :) xxx

  10. @Sophie, replied on your blog lovely :) xxx

  11. ehehe, they look so cute!
    love the shimmery~
    i have never ordered from lush as i find it quite expensive!
    i just stand in the store and dream about being rich ;D

  12. @Frankie, yeah it does get quite expensive if you buy all the time, I won't be making another order until Christmas :) xx


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