Lush space girl ballistic

Sadly mine wasn’t covered in copper glitter which kind of made this ballistic look a bit boring. Yeah it looks like Saturn but really it’s just plain purple.

It has a really sweet fruity scent and contains grapefruit oil but it wasn’t obvious from smelling it, I get more of a blackcurrant scent.

Once popped in the bath it fizzed away quickly, just how a bath bomb should. Now here’s the boring bit, it only turned my water slightly purple. Nothing else! I couldn’t hear the popping candy, no glitter, moons or stars which you’d expect from a space themed ballistic.

Overall quite a disappointing ballistic and I probably won’t buy it again. I say probably as you never know!

Have you tried this one? What did you think?


  1. I didn't like this one either, I thought it was such a disappointment.

    Read my post on it here

  2. @Amy, just about to check out your review! :) xxx


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