Lush Mrs Whippy ballistic

I liked the idea of Mrs Whippy but the ballistic itself didn't live up my expectations. It seems like with the new ballistics it's a bit hit or miss which is a shame as I haven't had this problem with all the old ones.
Lush describes this as a strawberry ice cream but to me it smelt more of blackcurrants.
Once popped into the bath the pink centre and white outside split immediately which was disappointing, I thought it would have the same effect as Dragons Egg and Fizzbanger.
The ballistic foamed away slowing leaving the bath water a milky pink which I didn’t find moisturising at all.
Despite really liking the scent I don’t I’ll be buying this one again and probably sticking with the Comforter if I want a blackcurrant scented product.
Have you tried this one? What did you think?


  1. I havent tried this one and you know Ive wanted to get back into Lush- also.. you know i heart your reviews as well as the Lush ones so keep doing em hunny! Much support...


    xoxo stay fabulous

  2. I bought this for my friend. That's a shame about it dispersing so quickly and seperately. I hope she likes it :| haha. Great review though, I appreciate it! x

  3. Thanks Amelia, that means so much! I love writing them :) xxx

  4. @Kim, I hope she likes it! It has a really nice scent just doesn't work so great :) xx


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