Lush Dorothy bubble bar

Dorothy reminds me of Christmas Eve bubble bar which I’m so happy about as I loved that limited edition bubble bar.
It smells of Orange blossom and fresh fruit which is lovely. The perfect product for a spring morning, even though it’s September!
I got 4 baths out of it which as great as it only costs £2.80.
Once dropped into running water, lovely soft and airy bubbles start forming and your bath water is left a sky blue colour.
I really want to try figs and leaves soap as it has the same scent *adds to ever growing wish list*
Have you tried this bubble bar or figs and leaves soap? What did you think?


  1. awh it looks so cute! Mm, sounds like it smells good too! xxx

  2. @Fern, it does! The bubbles bars never disappoint :) xxx

  3. You've made me want to go spending crazy at Lush with all your tempting pictures!! Shame on you! :)

    This one looks (and sounds) fabulous...on the picture it looks like a big old lump of marzipan! Mmmmmmmmmmm :)

  4. @Ms wedgie, oooh I love marzipan! haha I've still got more reviews to come :D xxx

  5. I give in,next time I am in lush I will definitely pick this bubble bar up. Thanks for helping me decide !

    Rachelle Xxx

  6. looks larvely-totally purchasing!

    xoxo stay fabulous

  7. @Rachelle, yay! Hope you love it :) xx

  8. @Amelia, Definitely get it :) xx


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