August favourites +

001 I used this everyday when I bought it but stopped after I bought other perfumes. I still love it just as much and have been using it a lot this month.
002 +003 I combination of these two Aussie products is all I’m using on my hair at the moment. They work really well together and my hair’s been feeling really recently.
004 This is a god send for when my feet are feeling really dry. You can read my review here.
005 This is a really great lip balm from Models Own and I’ve been using it so much! It moisturisers as well as leaving a hint of colour and shimmer.
006 I love the smell of this lip balm from Topshop. It smells of melons and is perfect for the summer! It doesn’t particularly moisturise but leaves a nice gloss to the lips without being sticky.
007 This soap is from the Malmaison hotel when I stayed for the Aussie party in Birmingham. I took it home as I loved the grapefruit scent and the fact it doubles as an exfoliater. I really wish this was available in shops as I love it.
008 This is another soap and exfoliater duo from Soap and Glory which I’ve been using a lot this month. You can read my review here.
009 Everyday this month I’ve been combining Clinique’s high lengths mascara with Rimmel’s glam’eyes mascara to create full and fabulous lashes.
010 This is such a lovely gloss from Topshop, the colour is my lips but better and is perfect for everyday. It smells divine as well.
011 This is another gloss which smells divine! I’m currently writing a review for this so watch out for it over the next week.
What are your favourites for this month?


  1. mm they look nice!
    lip products are always in my top favourites, year round. chapped lips make me cry XD haha

  2. Im such a lover of the aussie miricle insurance xx


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